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Floyd D. Johnson Technology Center Receives Prestigious 2024 Gene Bottoms Pacesetter Award

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Floyd D. Johnson Technology Center Receives Prestigious 2024 Gene Bottoms Pacesetter Award

The esteemed Floyd D. Johnson Technology Center located in York, has been bestowed with the noteworthy 2024 Gene Bottoms Pacesetter Award. The award is a recognition of the Center’s outstanding efforts in effecting transformative changes in classroom practices, bolstering student engagement, fostering teacher cooperation, and implementing a comprehensive curriculum.

Center’s Dedication to Improvement

In pursuit of fortifying their Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, the Center has in recent years, been working closely with The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). The primary areas of improvement, identified through comprehensive assessments and data collected from student and teacher surveys, were optimized data practices and project-based learning. Consequently, the teaching cadre at the Center participated in professional development programs and received coaching. The result was significant improvement within the SREB’s Making Schools Work Key Practices framework.

Fostering Real-World Experiences

Offering authentic, real-world experiences for its students is an integral part of FDJTC’s mission. A remarkable accomplishment is the introduction of a system for tracking data on college and career readiness. This effective tool allows administrators and school leaders to monitor student progress through high school, facilitating timely interventions and ensuring students graduate well-equipped for both college and career. The system has been a powerful instrument for teachers and administrators in identifying trends, promoting deeper collaboration, and providing substantial student support.

Project-Based Learning and Collaboration

FDJTC has adopted the SREB’s Project-Based Learning model which cultivates cooperative efforts among faculty to create integrative projects addressing real-world problems. Innovative initiatives such as the Utility Line Worker program have broadened FDJTC’s offerings to align with local, state, and regional industry requirements. These initiatives furnish students with diverse pathways to success.

Achievements and Further Developments

The notable improvements are manifested in the significant gains across key metrics. The number of CTE program completers and students earning industry credentials rose, along with substantial participation in Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). These trends underline FDJTC’s relentless commitment to educational excellence and student success.

The Path to Excellence

Dr. Lee Green, Director of FDJTC, stated, “Receipt of the 2024 Gene Bottoms Pacesetter Award reaffirms our dedication, innovation, and professionalism. We express our deepest gratitude to SREB and our devoted faculty for their persistent commitment to enhancing educational outcomes and empowering our students.”

The Gene Bottoms Pacesetter Award symbolizes not just recognition but also the Center’s commitment to constant betterment. With a reputation for innovation and motivation, FDJTC continues setting benchmarks for transforming educational practices.

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