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Lesslie Fire and Rescue Gears Up for their 65th Annual BBQ and Bake Sale Fundraiser

Firefighters grilling at fundraiser

Lesslie Fire and Rescue Preps its 65th BBQ and Bake Sale

In Rock Hill, South Carolina, sweet aromas fill the air as Lesslie Fire and Rescue gears up for its annual fundraiser. This year marks an exceptional landmark as the department prepares to host its 65th BBQ and Bake Sale, setting their sights on raising significant funds to bolster life-saving efforts in the local community.

The event is scheduled to kick off on Friday, February 2nd from 11 AM to 8 PM, and attendees are encouraged to indulge in a range of savory dishes. By offering plates for ten dollars, sandwiches for five dollars, and barbecue by the pound for ten dollars, the department aims to provide delectable options that cater to a wide variety of tastes.

Supporting The Local Fire and Rescue Service

The funds raised by this long-standing community event will be re-invested directly back into the local fire and rescue services. In previous years, the BBQ and Bake Sale proceeds have extended to the purchase of life-saving equipment and resources, enhancing the department’s ability to answer the call of duty.

For those unable to attend Friday’s event, the Lesslie Fire and Rescue will extend the sale on Saturday, offering barbecue by the pound while supplies last. By dedicating two days to this beloved community event, the fire department hopes to maximize the potential financial gain and further support their life-saving efforts.

The Tradition of Giving

For 65 years, Lesslie Fire and Rescue has upheld a tradition of bringing the community together through food and goodwill. This event, deeply rooted in unity, camaraderie, and service, is a testament to the department’s commitment to the neighborhood they serve. By rolling up their sleeves and firing up the grill, these dedicated firefighters show that their service extends beyond emergency response—directly into the heart of the community.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

To commemorate this milestone, Friday’s event will include a special segment dedicated to reflecting on the past 65 years of community gatherings, shared meals, and fundraising efforts to bolster the capabilities of the local fire department. This section will be a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminding attendees of the origin and purpose behind this cherished community event.

As preparations are underway, there is an air of excitement among the active members of Lesslie Fire and Rescue and the local community. This anticipation is indicative of the close-knit ties that have been fostered over six and a half decades through this simple yet meaningful event. As people come together to celebrate good food, they also extend their support to a vital community establishment helping to ensure they are well-equipped to protect and serve.

As the sizzling sound of barbecue and the sweet smell of baked goods waft through the air, Rock Hill’s community members can look forward to a delightful day filled with good food—all for a noble cause.

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