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7-Year-Old Mia Colston Brings BMX Dreams to Reality, Represents Team USA

"Girl on BMX bike"

7-Year-Old Mia Colston Brings BMX Dreams to Reality, Represents Team USA

Beginnings on the BMX Path

In the city of North Canton, a young dynamo is making waves in the BMX racing world. 7-year-old Mia Colston, a second grader from North Canton Primary School, began her journey by watching her father and older brothers tear about local BMX bike tracks. However, it didn’t take long for her to decide that she was ready to join in on the action.

It was during a Halloween weekend at the track when Mia approached her dad about getting on the bike herself. “We put her on the track and she just destroyed everyone,” her father, Benjamin Colston, said with a proud chuckle. It appears that Mia found her calling, as she’s been securing wins ever since her very first race.

Mia’s Journey to the World Championships

Next week, Mia will be putting her talents to the test at the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She’s not just participating, but representing her country as a member of Team USA.

Mia began her biking journey on a balance bike at just two years, soon after transitioning to a regular pedal bike. She never had training wheels. Upon witnessing the fun her family was having with the sport, Mia decided to try it out herself. Now, she excels at zipping around dirt tracks and scaling down hills, much to her mother’s astonishment. “It’s pure insanity,” comments Allyson Colston, Mia’s mother.

Mia continues to turn heads in the world of BMX. She qualified for the World Championships after placing third at a national level against intermediate and expert racers in her age group – all while she was still a novice herself. As her mother says succinctly, “She’s just kicking butt.”

Preparing for the Big Day

As the day of the UCI BMX Championships draws closer, Mia’s excitement is palpable. “I feel really happy that I made it,” Mia expressed, surrounded by her impressive collection of medals and trophies. Her coach, Zachary Quick from the PAK BMX Racing Team, has been steadfastly guiding her throughout her journey.

Her dedication to her sport is evident in her rigorous practice routines. She trains regularly with her father, constantly absorbing advice and guidance while putting in work both on and off her bike. Even if they get home late, Mia always maintains her determination to complete her exercises. Her mother explains proudly, “I know that when she gets there, she’ll be able to say she did everything she could to succeed.”

The All-Rounder

Mia leads an active life outside of her BMX pursuits. Along with maintaining good grades, she also takes voice lessons and is going to portray Olaf in a local production of “Frozen.” She balances her passions deftly, handling her responsibilities while making time for leisure activities like fishing and camping. All this while still wearing her favorite dresses and some makeup, as per her mother’s comments. Her brothers, her biggest cheer squad, are always there, rooting for her every step of the way.

As Mia prepares for the UCI BMX Championships, her friends find it hard to believe her success. Mia can’t wait for them to read this story and see for themselves. After all, seeing is believing, and Mia Colston is a testament to embracing one’s passions fearlessly.

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