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Man Accused of Airplane Thefts Denied Bond in Rock Hill Due to Literal Flight Risk

Man handcuffed near airplane

Flight Risk: Man Accused of Airplane Thefts Denied Bond in Rock Hill

Details of the Accused and His Alleged Crimes

The city of Rock Hill, South Carolina, faces another extraordinary case. This time, it involves a man who landed at the local airport and committed theft. The accused, 36-year-old Nathaniel John Jenkins, faces allegations of stealing aviation equipment and other items from planes and hangars at the Rock Hill/York County Airport. It becomes notable as an intriguing combination of aviation and theft.

Jenkins is now facing a whopping 15 charges of various kinds due to his alleged actions that occurred back in 2023. These charges include grand larceny, burglary, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and illegal damage to an airport or removing equipment. As to how he managed to land at the Rock Hill Airport, reports indicate that Jenkins, along with a 17-year-old suspect, flew a plane without lights, executed the theft, and then left the vicinity in the same stolen plane.

A Literal Flight Risk: Judge Denies Bond

The recent bond hearing held on Monday saw both prosecutors and the defense presenting their arguments. The outcome, Judge G.D. Morgan Jr. declined to lower Jenkins’ bond on the grounds that he posed a legitimate flight risk – one not derived from the usual courtroom terminology, but the literal sense.

Since his arrest in early January, Jenkins has been held in York County. His bond is set as high as $420,000, assorting with the seriousness of the accusations he faces.

The Defense: Jenkins is Not a Pilot

In a surprising turn of events, Jenkins’s defense made an assertion in court that court records show him as not being a pilot. Additionally, they stated that he doesn’t own a plane, strengthening their argument. As per their claim, the 17-year-old co-defendant was the one handling the aircraft.

Regardless of these claims, the court is still holding Jenkins on the high bond, given the nature of the crimes and the possibility of him being a flight risk.

Waiting for the Trial

As this case proceeds, no trial date has been determined yet. This delay leaves everyone involved, from investigators to residents of Rock Hill, in anxious anticipation of the court’s proceeding.

While aviation theft on this scale is not a common crime, the seriousness of these allegations brings into focus the necessity of stringent security measures at airports. This incident also accentuates the importance of the legal system’s determination to penalize those who pose a threat to community safety, whether on the ground or in the air.

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