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Rock Hill Police Investigate Late-Night Armed Robbery at Local Smoke Shop, Seek Public’s Help in Identifying Suspects

Masked suspects robbing store

Rock Hill Authorities In Pursuit of Armed Robbery Suspects

Rock Hill, S.C. – The local police force is currently investigating a late-night armed robbery that took place at Budiman’s smoke shop on Cherry Road. Authorities were called to the scene at around 11:35 p.m. on Thursday, where they learned that three masked men, armed with a handgun, had gone into the store and carried out the robbery.

Details of the Robbery

The suspects reportedly announced the robbery upon their entrance, forcing everyone to get down. Highlighting the severity of the situation, they held the store clerk at gunpoint, approaching the counter and demanding the cash in the drawer.

Meanwhile, the remaining two allegedly began to loot the store, grabbing merchandise from the shelves and stuffing it into bags. However, they did not stop at the store’s contents. The perpetrators also allegedly took the cell phones from the bystanders before fleeing the scene.

Description of the Suspects

Despite the chaotic nature of the incident, some details about the thieves have been gleaned. All three were reported to have worn dark clothing and face masks at the time of the robbery. Unfortunately, no further descriptions of the suspects were provided due to the masks obscuring their faces.

Community Response

The incident has spread fear and concern among the local community. The brazen nature of the robbery and the threat of firearms has made many residents uneasy. The local authorities are actively reassuring the public, stating they are doing everything in their capability to track down the suspects and request citizens to remain cautious.

Investigation Progress

The Rock Hill police are vigorously pursuing all leads and asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the suspects. Residents with any information relating to the incident have been urged to come forward and share it with the police.

Final Word

The affected store, Budiman’s, has refrained from any comment at this time. As yet, it is unclear how much the armed crooks managed to steal in cash and goods. As the investigation continues, the local community holds its breath, waiting eagerly for updates on the progress of the manhunt.

Instructions for the public

Anyone with information about the suspects or the robbery is urged to immediately report it to the Rock Hill Police Department. Do not approach the suspects, as they are considered to be armed and dangerous. Let’s join hands to make the community safer.

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