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Historic Brattonsville Celebrates Black History Month with ‘By Way of the Back Door’ Event Highlighting African American Heritage

Reenactment: African American Heritage

Historic Brattonsville Showcases African American Heritage through ‘By Way of the Back Door’ Event

McConnells, SC, – As part of the Black History Month celebrations, Historic Brattonsville is showcasing the vibrant African American history through a special event known as “By Way of the Back Door”. This living history program takes place every Saturday in February and provides visitors an intimate glimpse into the lifestyle of the enslaved communities who labored on the Bratton Plantation and their struggle towards liberty.

About the ‘By Way of the Back Door’ Event

The ‘By Way of the Back Door’ event features two more impactful presentations scheduled before February ends. The program for February 17th centers on the role of agriculture, while that of February 24th delves into the artistic and cultural contributions of the enslaved African American community. In addition to these, guided black history site tours will be conducted at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on each event day.

Speaking the Unspoken Through Living History

Living history programs such as the ‘By Way of the Back Door’ reenactments relay meaningful narratives about the African American experience during slavery times. These activities unearth the untold tales of resilience, hope, and human spirit that are often overlooked in mainstream historical accounts. These presentations, coupled with site tours, offer a unique, immersive way for the public to connect with the rich African American heritage and history.

Affordable Ticket Pricing

‘By Way of the Back Door’ ticket prices are set at $8 for adults, $7 for seniors, and $5 for youths. Children under the age of three and CHM Members are allowed free entry. This conscientious consideration in pricing ensures that the event is accessible for diverse audiences to partake in this valuable experience of understanding the African American narrative in the local history.

Remaining Events in the Current Month

More information about the ‘By Way of the Back Door’ event and future programs can be obtained from the website of the local cultural and heritage museums, Tickets can also be purchased at the events’ entrance at Historic Brattonsville.

A Movement of Remembrance and Recognition

Events like ‘By Way of the Back Door’ highlights the significance of acknowledging and embracing the contribution of the African American community to the cultural, historical, and societal framework of the United States. Such initiatives become more relevant during the Black History Month, bringing into focus the stories and experiences of an integral part of American history often shielded from public view.

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