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Burglary Suspect Arrested in Rock Hill after Vandalizing Multiple Businesses with Bricks

Burglary Suspect Arrested After Multiple Businesses in Rock Hill Were Hit with Bricks

Rock Hill, South Carolina

In a surprising twist of events in the early hours of Thursday, December 21st, multiple businesses in Rock Hill, South Carolina, including The Mercantile and Two Scoops, were vandalized and burgled. A series of brazen burglaries that ignited a sense of fury and frustration among local business owners comes to a conclusion with the arrest of 66-year-old Robert Jones Jr.

Grim Breaking-In and Theft

The Rock Hill Police Department responded to a break-in at The Mercantile located at 153 East White Street around 1:00 am. The side door of the business had been shattered with what was determined to be a brick. Surveillance footage revealed an older black male, who was identified as Robert Jones Jr., as the suspect. The footage showed that Jones had thrown a brick to gain entry into the establishment. Money from the café register was subsequently stolen, leaving the business owners in a state of despair and shock. Despite an immediate search, the culprit could not be found immediately.

Second Burglary Attempt

The second burglary attempt occurred only hours later. At 5:26 am, police were alerted to an alarm at Two Scoops, located at 161 West Main Street. Officers arrived on the scene to find yet another shattered front door. The suspect’s tactics remained consistent as he used a brick to gain entry. Surveillance footage depicted a male resembling the suspect from The Mercantile burglary, albeit with a changed jacket. Despite a thorough search of the area, the suspect was once again undetected.

Critical Breakthrough

Later in the day, a breakthrough was made when officers conducted a canvass of the downtown area. An officer stumbled upon a man fitting the description of the suspect on East Main Street. Subsequent field interviews and investigation confirmed that the man was the suspect in the burglaries. Robert Jones Jr. was arrested and charged with two counts of burglary, one for each of the affected businesses.

These burglaries highlight the need for boosted security measures, particularly during the holiday season when break-ins tend to rise. The Rock Hill Police Department continues to prioritize the safety of local businesses and residents by swiftly responding to all calls and thoroughly investigating incidents.

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