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Unexpected Car Tax Bills Surprise Thousands of York County Drivers Due to Software Glitch from Past Purchases

Shocked driver with tax letter

Unexpected Car Tax Bills Shocking Thousands of Drivers in York County

Unforeseen Obligations Arising from Past Transactions

Considering their cars purchased, paid for and taxes covered, thousands of drivers in York County, South Carolina are in for a surprise.

Unexpected tax bills, some dating as far back as 2021, are landing in their mailboxes, causing confusion and dismay. County officials have identified the culprit as a software issue related to new car purchases. This has resulted in a missed collection of vehicle taxes, but the issue lay undiscovered for close to three years.

Discovery of Unpaid Taxes

Amber Simpson purchased her car in 2021, only to learn recently that she owes York County more than $700 in past due taxes. She stumbled upon the outstanding amount while online, reviewing her financial information, she noticed a troubling red “X”. “I had just paid taxes for September 2023. There was no way I could owe more,” Simpson expressed her disbelief at the shock discovery. Turns out, Simpson is not alone in this predicament, and she voices the collective question of the affected individuals, “What happened?”

The county authorities unraveled the mystery through an audit in 2023, which revealed approximately 12,000-13,000 unpaid car tax bills from 2021. These unpaid taxes were to be collected in the first year of ownership, but a switch in the way vehicle sales documentation was received and subsequently organized in the county’s computer system caused the glitch.

Changes Implemented and Unresolved Issues

Having identified the issue, the county made appropriate changes in policies, and by the summer of 2023, all problems were supposedly addressed. However, the proof of resolution remains in the outcry of thousands of drivers finding long overdue tax bills in their mail in 2024.

Citizens’ Concerns and Demands

Driver Sherry Herlihy voiced the concern of many affected county residents, “They should look at their equipment and do audits every six months, not years down the road and say, ‘Oops, you gotta pay this.’ It’s just not fair.”

Current Action and Outlook

The county is making strides to rectify the situation by sending out tax bills. Around 2,000-3,000 bills have already been dispatched, and plans for dispatching 10,000 more are in the works. It remains to be seen how the county handles this unfortunate situation and if stricter audit practices will be implemented to prevent a similar situation in the future.

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