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Catawba Community Mental Health Center Seeks Increased Funding Amid Rising Demand for Services Amid Pandemic

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Catawba Community Mental Health Center Looks for More Funding

In response to increasing consumer demand amid the ongoing pandemic, the Catawba Community Mental Health Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina requests additional funding from local authorities. The center provides an essential service to the local population, particularly as mental health issues surge amid the challenges fostered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Need for Resources

The center’s director, Tamara Edrington, reports an unfortunate spike in psychotic disorders among the adult population overall. Consequently, there is a growing need for added support, hospitalizations, and increased staffing levels across the board. While the Catawba Community Mental Health Center reliably furnishes 68 percent of mental health services to York County residents, Edrington cites the urgent necessity for further resources to meet this escalating demand.

Funding Shortfall

Despite the center’s status as a state agency, only about 50 percent of its funding hails from South Carolina. Operating on an annual budget of roughly 11.5 million dollars, the organization significantly relies on York County to help alleviate the financial shortfall.

In 2023, York County contributed $10,000 to the center. However, Edrington recalls periods where the county bestowed substantially larger sums, reaching upwards of $100,000. Consequently, she proposes a move back to such contributions. Additional financial assistance from York County, coupled with funding from Lancaster County and Chester County, can enable the organization to widen its reach and effectively serve the needs of more residents grappling with mental health issues.

Advocating for Increased Funding

York County Councilman, William “Bump” Roddey, advocates strenuously for more significant funding allocations to the Catawba Community Mental Health Center. Roddey asserts the importance of reinvesting taxpayer dollars into crucial community services, calling for monies collected from taxpayers to be “put back so it benefits the taxpayers of York County.”

While the county’s 2024-2025 budget is yet under review, the councilman hopes to see favorable decisions come June when the council traditionally approves the proposed budget.

Additional Collaborations

In tandem with the ongoing negotiations for increased funding, the Catawba Community Mental Health Center is also exploring opportunities to provide additional on-site personnel to the Rock Hill Police Department and York Technical College.

Such cooperative endeavors can enhance access to mental health support when dealing with mental health-related incidents and calls, thereby leading to further betterment of community health outcomes.

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