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Catawba Mental Health Center Seeks Additional Funding, Chester County Launches Tourism Fair, Andrew Jackson High School Students Win Athlete of the Week

Community mental health center

Need for Funding Increases for Catawba Community Mental Health Center

The Catawba Community Mental Health Center, serving the Tri-County region, is making a plea to County leaders for additional funding as the demand for their services continues to surge.

The Center, a crucial treatment resource for local individuals and families coping with mental health issues, has experienced increased pressure to extend their services to address rising community needs. Despite the financial challenges, the health center remains dedicated to its mission: ensuring residents have necessary access to mental health services that can drastically improve their quality of life.

Counsel from the Center is hopeful that their call for aid will result in additional resources to sustain and expand critical mental health services for community members, specifically those marginalized or financially underprivileged ones.

Chester County Rebrands with Tourism Fair

In an effort to bolster local tourism, Chester County is embracing a rebranding initiative culminating in a well-publicized Tourism Fair. The fair, anticipated to draw substantial crowds, will spotlight area attractions and vendors, shining a light on the unique offerings that make Chester County a gem of the region.

From historical sites to modern amusements, local treasures to natural wonders, the fair promises to showcase a diverse range of options for tourists and locals alike to explore and appreciate. The rebranding effort aims to generate revenue, create jobs, and foster a sense of pride among residents about their community.

Andrew Jackson High School Stars Awarded Athlete of the Week

Shining a spotlight on local talent, two students from Andrew Jackson High School have been awarded the coveted Athlete of the Week recognition. The accolade goes to athletes who not only excel in their respective sports but also demonstrate commendable character and sportsmanship both on and off the field.

While winning games and breaking records are the most visible demonstration of an athlete’s talent, it’s the perseverance, leadership, and teamwork displayed that truly epitomizes the spirit of high school athletics. Today, these two student-athletes from Andrew Jackson High School are being celebrated for embodying these very ideals.

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