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Catawba Nation Gains Complete Ownership of Two Kings Casino Resort, Paving Way for Future Growth and Development

Catawba Nation holding casino keys

Catawba Nation Secures Full Control Over Two Kings Casino Resort

In a milestone for South Carolina’s Catawba Nation, tribal Chief Brian Harris has announced that the First Nation now has comprehensive ownership of the Two Kings Casino Resort and the surrounding land in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

A Major Acquisition

The Two Kings Casino Resort, owned by the Catawba Nation, is located in a prime area in Kings Mountain. The tribe has recently secured the purchase of the surrounding property and parking area from Sky Boat, a Greenville, South Carolina Company. Sky Boat had been instrumental in the operation of The Two Kings Casino.

Growth and Development in the Casino Sector

Securing ownership of both the casino and the surrounding land is seen as a significant win for the Catawba Nation. This move enables the tribe to have full control over the future development and expansion of the resort. Chief Harris, in his announcement, stated that this acquisition would allow the nation to continue its growth in Kings Mountain.

Long-Term Implications

The purchase is expected to have positive long-term implications for the Catawba Nation, as it provides the tribe with the opportunity to develop the resort and adjacent land according to its vision and strategies. This development could include expanding entertainment and accommodation options, enhancing visitor experience, and developing additional amenities that could make the casino a prime destination for tourists.

Boosting Local Economy

The Two Kings Casino Resort serves as a significant contributor to the local economy, creating job opportunities, attracting tourists, and generating tax revenues. Moreover, under the full control and ownership of the Catawba Nation, the economic benefits are expected to increase further. The expansion of the casino resort will create more job opportunities for locals and could attract a steady stream of tourists year-round, further boosting the local economy.

Respecting Tribal Sovereignty

One significant feature of the Catawba Nation’s full ownership of the Two Kings Casino Resort is that it reflects the respect for tribal sovereignty. It empowers the tribe to decide on future developments and revenue-generating initiatives rooted in their cultural traditions and economy-building strategies.

The Catawba Nation’s ownership of the Two Kings Casino Resort marks a pivotal moment in their history and showcases how tribal nations can effectively manage and control their resources for the betterment of their communities.

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