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Delays Hit Charlotte Fliers As Hundreds Of Thousands Return From Holiday Travel

Crowded airport during holidays

Delays Hit Charlotte Fliers As Hundreds Of Thousands Return From Holiday Travel

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Weekend traffic loads caused significant delays at the Charlotte Douglas Airport as hundreds of thousands of holiday travelers tried to return home. Long waits, crowded baggage claim areas, delayed flights, and even cancellations were the order of the day on Sunday.

Long Waits and Delays

A common complaint among the holiday travelers on Sunday was the unregulated traffic which started right from the drive into the airport followed by long queues. Flyers returning home complained about having to wait for nearly an hour to collect checked-in luggage from an already overcrowded baggage claim area.

Apart from the regular hustle and bustle, the departures side of the Terminal also witnessed an unusually high amount of stress on Sunday. There were numerous instances of flight delays, with some flights even being cancelled altogether. It was reported that at least 25 flights throughout the day were delayed by anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

Turmoil Across Airports Nationwide

The chaos was not confined to Charlotte Douglas Airport alone. Delays were reported from various other airports across the country. People flying in from Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas faced extended wait times to board their flights, causing a delay of several hours from their original take-off times.

One of the travelers, Kendall Page, recounted her ordeal of a six hours delay that caused her to land in Charlotte from Oklahoma way behind schedule. Originally destined for Raleigh, N.C., she was stranded in Charlotte as her connecting flight got cancelled, a problem faced by many trying to reach Raleigh from Charlotte.

Call for Patience and Preparedness

In light of the chaos and confusion, Airport officials encouraged flyers to remain patient and advised them to arrive at the airport as early as possible. “Had a six-hour delay and now we’re in Charlotte, but thankfully I have family here so everything is going to be good,” Page commented amidst the turmoil.

In an attempt to manage the cram, American Airlines announced that they flew a record number of 775,000 customers on Sunday, with additional flights being added in Charlotte to handle the excessive crowd.

The airport disruptions have highlighted the necessity for travelers to remain alert during busy holiday periods and have sparked dialogue on improvements that can be made to better manage future peak times. However, patience and preparedness seem to be the key tips for flyers to make their holiday travels smoother and less stressful.

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