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Cool off this summer with The Social Cow in Charlotte, N.C.

Vintage ice cream truck

Charlotte, N.C. – Cool off this summer with The Social Cow

The Social Cow: Bringing Back Nostalgic Memories

Growing up, many of us have fond memories of chasing after the ice cream truck as it rolled down the street, playing its classic tunes. The excitement of choosing our favorite character-shaped ice cream or indulging in a gourmet pop is a cherished part of our childhood. Now, thanks to The Social Cow, those nostalgic memories are back in Charlotte.

A Vintage Ice Cream Truck with a Twist

The Social Cow is not your average ice cream truck. Owned by Rich and Siobhan Reddick, this vintage truck, named Maebel, is a revamped postal truck that offers a unique experience. Recently, they have expanded their fleet with a new vehicle called Oliver, a Japanese kei van, to cater to even more events and gatherings.

Novelty Ice Cream and Gourmet Pops

What sets The Social Cow apart is its offering of novelty ice cream, including classic character-shaped treats and gourmet pops. From childhood favorites to artisanal flavors, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, or any special occasion, The Social Cow is ready to bring the sweet treats to you.

Planning Your Sweet Escape

For those interested in booking The Social Cow for their next event, pricing information can be found on their website. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your celebration or simply craving a cool treat on a hot summer day, The Social Cow has you covered.

Learn More and Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

For more information about The Social Cow, visit their website or contact Rich and Siobhan Reddick. Indulge in a taste of the past and create new memories with their delightful selection of ice cream and pops.

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