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Charlotte Superintendent presents CMS plan for five-year gains and seeks community’s aid

Superintendent presenting educational plan

Charlotte Superintendent presents CMS plan for five-year gains and seeks community’s aid

By HERE News

Published on June 17, 2024

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) unveiled a comprehensive five-year academic plan on Monday, demonstrating a strategic approach to improve academic achievement and equity within the school district. Superintendent Crystal Hill presented the 31-page plan to over 1,300 CMS administrators at the summer leadership conference held at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Emphasizing Continuous Improvement

Hill, who is completing her first year as superintendent, stressed the importance of small, consistent improvements towards achieving excellence without exception. She encouraged her staff to focus on customer service, leadership, and teamwork, using metaphors from the movie “The Boys in the Boat” to inspire a collective effort.

With 69 strategies outlined in the plan, Hill emphasized the need for steady progress in academic achievement, racial equity, and ensuring students are well-prepared for adulthood.

Setting Clear Goals

The new five-year plan builds upon the previous framework, setting targets for improvements in reading and math scores, as well as preparation for post-high school life. The goals include increasing reading scores for K-2 and grades 3-8 students, expanding beyond a basic diploma to develop skills and credentials for college and career readiness.

While the plan aims to raise the percentage of students earning college-and-career-ready scores on reading exams from 31% to 50% by 2029, Hill emphasized the challenging yet realistic nature of these goals. She highlighted the importance of racial equity in the work undertaken by CMS.

Community Collaboration for Student Success

Sherri Chisholm, executive director of Leading on Opportunity, delivered a keynote address at the CMS leadership conference, emphasizing the role of the community in supporting student outcomes. Chisholm stressed the need for collective efforts in breaking cycles of poverty and supporting children and families.

Hill underscored community engagement as one of the pillars of the CMS plan, noting that the strategies outlined leverage the skills, passion, and expertise of the entire community. She urged a collaborative approach to ensure the success of all students.

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