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Chester and York County Earn Prestigious CiCi Awards

Award presentation ceremony.

Chester and York County Earn Prestigious CiCi Awards

In a remarkable recognition, both Chester and York County have been declared winners of the prestigious Corporate Investment/Community Impact Awards (CiCi Awards) for 2024. The awards were presented by Trade & Industry Development magazine, acknowledging the significant contribution these counties have made to economic development.

Three Awards for South Carolina

Among the 31 economic development projects honored this year, only three of the winners hailed from South Carolina. These winners comprised Scout Motors from Richland County, QTS Data Centers from York County, and Albemarle Corporation from Chester County. Chester County clinched a spot in the ‘Corporate Investment’ category.

Delighted with Recognition

Expressing joy over this honor, Robert Long, Director of Chester County Economic Development, stated, “We are delighted to be recognized as one of Trade and Industry’s 2024 CiCi Award winners“. He further explained the importance of Albemarle’s Richburg project for the domestic supply of lithium hydroxide needed for electric vehicles.

Significant Investment Roxks Chester County

In March 2023, Albemarle had announced its plans to invest $1.3 billion, creating more than 300 jobs for a new lithium hydroxide processing plant. This massive investment aimed to meet the growing domestic and international demand for electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries.

Due to changing end-market conditions, Albemarle outlined a series of proactive measures in January 2024 to re-phase its organic growth investments, resulting in a deferment of spending at the Richburg facility. Despite this, Albemarle is actively seeking partnerships with South Carolina, local communities, and educational institutions to support the facility and the community.

Chester County Economic Development: A Brief Overview

Established by Chester County in 2004, The Chester County Economic Development (CCED) has been dedicated to creating a conducive environment for existing industry expansion, encouraging new industry investments, fostering entrepreneurship, and facilitating visitation by others.

Since 2020, CCED’s efforts have resulted in 31 announcements with $2.55 billion in new capital investment, creating 1,507 jobs. The CCED’s focus on improving each citizen’s prosperity and overall quality of life is clearly evident from these achievements.

The Impact Behind the Award

The CiCi award not only reflects the achievements of organizations and counties in economic development, but it also reflects the potential benefits for the local community. The new industries and jobs created by this investment from Albemarle and other businesses could pave the way for a more prosperous future for both Chester and York County.

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