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Come-See-Me Festival Unveils New Logo for Its 60th Year

Colorful festival celebration logo.

Come-See-Me Festival Unveils New Logo for Its 60th Year

ROCK HILL, S.C. – The annual Come-See-Me Festival, a beloved tradition in Rock Hill, has unveiled its new logo for its 60th anniversary. The theme for this year is “All Frogs and Friends”, and the logo, which showcases this theme, was unveiled on Wednesday at the Rock Hill Sports and Event Center.

Designing The Logo

The 2024 Festival Chair, Chris Hood, revealed the freshly designed logo for the festival’s 60th year. Chris Hood had the honor of helping design this year’s logo, which embodies the theme and spirit of the Come-See-Me Festival. The logo features a playful depiction of a frog, the festival’s mascot, along with touches representative of the long-standing community event. Past festival logos were also showcased at the event, reflecting the festival’s rich history and evolution over the years.

An Open Festival For All

Chris Hood emphasized the festival’s welcoming ethos in his remarks during the unveiling ceremony. He said that though all frogs – the festival’s amusing symbol – are different, everyone is welcome at Come-See-Me. The message of inclusivity and camaraderie reflected in the theme underlines the festival’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and celebration.

Merit Award Winners Honored

During the logo unveiling event, six recipients of the 2024 Come See Me Merit Award were recognized. These individuals are being honored for their dedicated service to the community. Their contributions to the community epitomize the spirit of collaboration and active participation that the festival encourages in Rock Hill.

Festival Dates and New Additions

The Come-See-Me festival is set to run from April 11th through the 20th this year. A significant addition to the festivities is the inaugural Disc Golf Tournament, scheduled to take place on the first Sunday of the festival at Winthrop Farm. This event not only adds a new dimension to the festival but also pays homage to the local area’s sports and recreational traditions.


As the Come-See-Me Festival approaches its 60th year, the unveiling of the new logo and the announcement of the festival’s dates and new events have amped up the anticipation among the people of Rock Hill. The tradition of celebrating community spirit continues, and everyone – frogs and friends alike – is welcomed to join the festivities.

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