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Community and Recreation in Focus with Laurie Helms: A Discussion

Outdoor community picnic.

Community and Recreation in Focus with Laurie Helms: A Discussion

In an insightful discussion on May 17, 2024, Laurie Helms, from the Rock Hill Parks, Recreation and Tourism (P, R & T) department, shed light on a variety of topics that touched upon community growth, recreational activities and future plans for the city. This conversation took place as part of an initiative to keep the residents informed and engaged about the exciting happenings and prospective projects in the city.

Emphasis on a Connected Community

During her visit at Palmetto Mornings, Helms stressed on the importance of a connected community. Highlighting the role of recreation and public spaces in promoting social interactions among residents, Helms discussed how the P, R & T department is working relentlessly to develop the city’s parks, gardens, and recreational areas.

Public spaces and recreational activities play a vital role in building a strong community,” she stated. “These spaces provide a platform for residents to come together, enjoy their leisure time, and share common interests, fostering a sense of community spirit.”

Exploring Outdoor Life

In the lively discussion, Helms also focused on promoting outdoor life for the residents. “Life in the Outdoors” agenda aims to encourage citizens to enjoy the city’s vast natural beauty whilst fostering a sense of environmental responsibility. As part of this initiative, numerous trails, walking paths, biking routes, and public gardens have been created throughout Rock Hill.

The city’s outdoor attractions such as “Life in the Outdoors” and “Live to Ride” programs offer a wide range of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. From trail exploration and hiking to biking and equestrian activities, there is something for every nature lover in the city.

The Future of Recreation in Rock Hill

Looking ahead, Helms outlined an exciting future for recreation in the city. The P, R & T department, she revealed, is actively working on further enhancing the recreational potential of Rock Hill. The plans include the development of more parks, introduction of newer and more engaging community events, and creating spaces that cater to all age groups and interests.

Furthermore, the department is also working on making these recreational spaces more accessible to all residents, ensuring that every resident has equal opportunities to enjoy these amenities.


In conclusion, the candid discussion with Laurie Helms of the Rock Hill Parks, Recreation & Tourism department gave an interesting glimpse into the workings of the city’s community initiatives. With a vision to create a diverse and inclusive recreational space for everyone, the future of Rock Hill certainly looks promising and exciting.

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