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Restore Hyper Wellness Brings Latest Cryotherapy Services to York County

"Cryotherapy chamber in operation"

Cryotherapy Centers Come to York County

The health and wellness scene in York County has a new addition with the opening of Restore Hyper Wellness, a business that aims to promote optimal health in sleep, athletic recovery, gentle healing, and more. The company, originally designed to cater to professional athletes and celebrities, is known for its Cryotherapy Chambers and recently inaugurated its 248th branch in the town of Rock Hill.

The Concept of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a form of treatment where the body is exposed to extreme cold temperatures. This method has been utilized in different fields, like sports medicine, beauty treatments, and general wellness, where it is said to stimulate natural healing processes. The concept behind this treatment is to reduce inflammation, promote detoxification, and enable faster recovery from workouts or injuries.

Cryotherapy at Restore Hyper Wellness

Restore Hyper Wellness offers a range of services besides cryotherapy, such as infrared saunas, IV drip therapy, cryoskin slimming and toning, red and near-infrared light therapy, etc. However, their cryotherapy treatment is perhaps the most renowned. At the Rock Hill location, individuals can experience a three-minute deep freeze therapy purported to boost cellular survival, increase lymphatic drainage, improve the quality of sleep, and accelerate recovery and rejuvenity.

Co-owned by Mike O’Kelly and his wife, the Rock Hill brand was inspired by Mike’s personal journey for wellness. As a former professional baseball player, he was in search of a therapy that would help his body recover. It was only after he found relief in a Restore Wellness center in Charlotte that he decided to bring the concept to York County.

The Impact on Wellness and Fitness in York County

The arrival of Restore Hyper Wellness in Rock Hill is expected to bring a new wave of comprehensive wellness amongst the locals in York County. It’s not just athletes or celebrities who can take advantage of these therapies; they are now accessible to everyday people seeking alternative means to enhance their fitness and wellness.


The addition of Restore Hyper Wellness to York County marks a significant step in the region’s expanding wellness industry. The cutting-edge therapies provided by the brand, like cryotherapy and other services, are anticipated to foster a stronger engagement with health and wellness amongst the community.

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