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Daycare Center Agrees to $16 Million Settlement Following Infant’s Death Due to Safety Protocol Breach

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Daycare Center Pays $16 Million Settlement After Infant’s Death

In York County, South Carolina, a distressing event unfolded that has resulted in a massive settlement sum. A family will receive $16 million compensation after their infant son died at the Carolina Kids Development Center, a daycare facility managed by Cadence Education LLC in the area.

The Tragic Circumstances

The six-month-old child, Jonathan Cash Berry, was discovered unresponsive at the daycare center situated on Ebenezer Road in Rock Hill. According to Attorney David Martin representing the heartbroken family, one of the daycare staffers didn’t adhere to safe protocols when laying the baby down to sleep.

“Regrettably, the child was positioned on his side, rolled over, and suffocated while spending time at the daycare,” Martin elaborated.

The Parents’ Response

After the loss of their son, parents Robert and Sasha initiated a wrongful death lawsuit against Carolina Kids and its parent organization, Cadence Education LLC. Martin expressed that the couple’s primary objective was to ensure such a tragic incident doesn’t reoccur.

“Their most significant objective in this ordeal is to guarantee this doesn’t become another family’s nightmare,” Martin asserted.

Historic Settlement

The defendants, last week, agreed to pay the family a massive $16 million in settlement. Martin is optimistic that the magnitude of the settlement will bring about change in childcare facilities. He outlined improvements such as frequent check-ins on children and revised ways these check-ins are conducted will be implemented.

The settlement amount is believed to be one of the largest ever for any wrongful death case in York County’s history, according to an attorney on the family’s legal team.

Cadence Education LLC’s Statement

Cadence Education LLC released an official statement regarding the settlement and the tragic event. They expressed that child safety is their topmost concern. After the tragic incident, the staff reacted immediately, performing CPR and calling emergency responders. Sadly, the child passed away later during the week.

They informed that the school self-reported the incident to the South Carolina Division of Social Services (DSS) immediately and cooperated with their investigations. The company promised support towards staff and informed families associated with the school about the incident.

“Our hearts continue to be with the parents and loved ones of the infant, and everyone affected by this tragedy.”

Community Impact

This tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of safety measures across all childcare facilities. The sizeable financial penalty has brought the issue to the forefront, eliciting conversations about much-needed changes in policies and practices within such institutions. It carries a hope that no other family would have to suffer such a loss due to negligence in the future.

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