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Family Trust’s Community Partnership Foundation Donates $30,000 to Local Non-Profits in Valentine’s Day Grant Luncheon

Valentine's Day charity luncheon

Family Trust’s Community Partnership Foundation Spreads Love to York County Non-Profits

Rock Hill’s Family Trust took advantage of the love in the air during the week of Valentine’s Day. The Federal Credit Union’s own charitable organization, better known as the Community Partnership Foundation, held a Valentine’s Day Grant Luncheon where it gave away $30,000 to 16 different non-profit organizations from around York County. These organizations focus on helping those in need in various ways, including mental health care, drug abuse prevention, feeding, and clothing those less fortunate, and more.

The Community Partnership Foundation plans to make this a yearly event, taking place each Valentine’s Day. The foundation believes that there’s no better day to show love and support for their community than a day dedicated to love. In their eyes, the spirit of Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be confined to romantic love; it can extend to encompass love for community and humanity. This is why they have chosen this day as the moment to give back directly to the community, and particularly those organizations working for change in various social sectors in York County.

Beneficiaries of the Valentine’s Day Grant Luncheon

The beneficiary non-profit organizations contribute to society’s betterment in various capacities. Some provide essential services such as mental health care and drug abuse prevention. Others focus on meeting basic needs, such as feeding and clothing the less fortunate. By supporting these organizations, the Community Partnership Foundation fosters an environment of care and support in the community. Their aid lends strength to the efforts to alleviate hardships faced by underprivileged community members and those with unique challenges.

Though the grant amounts varied, every organization that received support can put those funds to use to further their work. The $30,000 total granted by the Community Partnership Foundation adds value to the community as a whole, as it aids in improving the quality of life for residents and inspires a community spirit of giving back.

Community Partnership Foundation’s Vision

The Community Partnership Foundation aims to alleviate hardships and contribute to the betterment of life for community members. The yearly Valentine’s Day Grant Luncheon is just one of the ways they plan to do this. Not only does this event validate the work of the non-profit organizations, but it also sets a precedent for community interaction and involvement.

The foundation’s support aids these organizations in achieving their goals, and it strengthens their ability to continue their services. The ultimate vision is a community that thrives, where help and support are readily available for those in need. The Valentine’s Day Grant Luncheon is a meaningful step towards realizing this vision.

The Future of the Valentine’s Day Grant Luncheon

With plans to make the Valentine’s Day Grant Luncheon an annual event, the Community Partnership Foundation aims to increase community involvement and support for non-profit organizations. The hope is that this event will inspire more individuals and businesses to recognize the value of community non-profits and to contribute to their efforts.

In years to come, the Valentine’s Day Grant Luncheon will not only continue to provide financial support to non-profit organizations, but it will also continue to be a day of unity, love, and community spirit in York County. The foundation looks forward to seeing the tremendous impact this event will have on the community and the lives it will better.

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