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Power House Rock Hill Announces Exciting February Lineup with Jazz Nights, Vendor Markets, and More

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Power House Rock Hill Welcomes February with a Blast of Events


The city of Rock Hill is in for an exciting and eventful February as Power House Rock Hill has a series of activities line up that promises to bring the community together with plenty of exciting opportunities for entertainment and socialization.

Hectic Calendar of Happenings

With a variety of events planned, Power House Rock Hill ensures there’s something for everyone this February. Whether you are a fan of jazz or prefer to socialize with locals at a vendor market, Power House Rock Hill has got you covered. As February begins, the popular venue is all set to host Jazz Jam Night, an event for music lovers in town. Additionally, the site will also serve as a local platform for vendors at a vendor market, providing an excellent weekend destination catering to families and individuals of all ages.

Musical Evenings

For those who appreciate good music, the Jazz Jam night will be a definite treat. Jazz lovers can look forward to a night filled with captivating performances that highlight the local talent of Rock Hill and surrounding areas. It promises to celebrate jazz music, bringing community members together and adding vibrancy to the local music scene.

Vendor Market

Power House Rock Hill will also house a vendor market, showcasing a slew of local vendors and artisans offering unique, handmade products. This event will create an opportunity for local businesses to exhibit their products and for visitors to buy locally sourced goods, thus, supporting and encouraging local talent and entrepreneurship.

Fantastic Food and Drinks

In addition to an array of engaging events, Power House Rock Hill offers a delightful food and beverage spread. Patrons can enjoy fun drinks at the bar while discovering new local vendors or immersing themselves in soulful jazz music.

Maintaining safety amidst fun

While planning an exciting schedule of events, Power House Rock Hill maintains the highest standards of health and safety in light of the ongoing pandemic situation. The venue strictly adheres to local health guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of all its patrons, staff, and performers.

This February, Power House Rock Hill requests all its patrons to participate responsibly and enjoy the multitude of events it has to offer, while also respecting the health and comfort of others around them.

About Power House Rock Hill

Power House Rock Hill strives to be more than just a venue; it seeks to be a confluence of cultures, crafts, and experiences. Serving Rock Hill, this venue continually hosts various events and activities year-round, ranging from music concerts to markets, to foster a vibrant and thriving local community.

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