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FEMA Denies York County’s Request for Assistance On Storm Damage

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FEMA Denies York County’s Request for Assistance On Storm Damage

Request for Aid Following Severe Storm Deemed Unnecessary by Federal Agency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has turned down a request for Individual Assistance by York County concerning the storm damage inflicted last month. They circulated a letter to Governor Henry McMaster earlier this week, detailing their verdict that the damage incurred from the storm event was “not of such severity and magnitude as to be beyond the capabilities of the state, the affected local governments, and voluntary agencies.” They went on to suggest that federal assistance wouldn’t be needed to supplement the existing capacities.

Further in the letter, FEMA’s Region IV Regional Administrator indicated their readiness to support the state with additional resources. These could be sourced from other federal agencies and assistance programs if needed. The agency stated that there’s a 30-day window for appealing this decision starting from the date of the letter, which was May 22nd.

York County Government’s Reaction

The York County Government expressed disappointment on learning that their request for individual assistance funds had been denied by FEMA. This decision came despite officials from the agency touring the storm-ravaged areas in Rock Hill a few days earlier, alongside other organizations such as the York County Office of Emergency Management, South Carolina Emergency Management Division, The Small Business Administration and the City of Rock Hill.

While recognizing the severity of the damage and the losses borne by its residents, FEMA concluded the extent of the devastation did not meet its criteria for federal assistance. As of now, the governor is poised to request that the Small Business Administration initiate the provision of low-interest loans for residents and businesses affected by the storm.

Appreciation for Volunteer Efforts

York County Government expressed its sincere gratitude to the numerous local and external volunteers who swiftly spring into action in the affected areas. The volunteers have been consistently helping homeowners and businesses recover since the storm hit on April 20th. Their selfless service has been instrumental in restoring a semblance of normalcy in the lives of many within the community.

Resident succumbing to the storm’s inflicted damages who still have inquiries can reach out to the York County Office of Emergency Management at (803) 326-2300.

Other Ongoing Concerns

The denial of FEMA’s support comes amidst other concerns in York County. From escalating debates around controversial social plant to severe criminal charges, the communities in the county are dealing with several pressing issues. Further developments on these and the recovery from the storm damage will be closely watched.

Committed to providing accurate and timely information, we will continue to keep you updated on these ongoing events.

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