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Town of Fort Mill Acquires Two Historic Buildings for Staff, Operations and Police Department

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Town of Fort Mill Acquires Two Historic Buildings for Staff, Operations and Police Department

Fort Mill Braces for a Wave of Change with the Acquisition of Historic Buildings

In a significant wave of change, the Town of Fort Mill has declared its purchase of two historic buildings located in the heart of the downtown area. These include the landmarks at 123 and 205 North White Street, previously known as the Springs Executive Office and the Springs Research and Development Center, respectively.

Detailed Location and Future Plans

The former Springs Executive Office at 205 N. White St., constructed in 1950, lies in close proximity to the Town’s Amphitheater and Walter Y. Elisha Park. The Town has charted extensive plans to adapt the building to accommodate the Public Services such as the Fort Mill Police Department, a Council Chambers, a Municipal Court, and various conference and training rooms.

Meanwhile, the Springs Research and Development Center built in 1971 is presently leased by Pike Incorporated. The future use of this building by the town is still under planning.

Closing Date and Additional Plans

The Town is aiming to close the buying process by late May 2024. Following the acquisition, the Town plans to carry out necessary maintenance, upgrades, and renovations to make the facilities conducive for the proposed operations. The relocation of the staff into the newly-acquired facility is slated to occur by late 2024.

As part of the plan, both the existing Town Hall Building and the Police Department will be put up for sale.

A New Milestone in Fort Mill’s Growth

This development signifies a new chapter in the historical narrative of Fort Mill. The conversion of these vintage establishments into modern operational hubs will provide the town’s staff and public services with ample space for better functionality. It will also contribute to the preservation of the town’s historic architecture.

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