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Fort Mill Launches $145 Million Interchange Project to Alleviate Traffic Congestion and Improve Commute Quality

Fort Mill Interchange Project Set to Move Forward

Fort Mill, S.C. – A Pivotal Part of the Transportation Improvement Plan

A catalyst in the field of infrastructural progression, a significant road initiative designed to alleviate traffic congestion in the Fort Mill precinct is progressing onward. This project’s budget sums to approximately $145 million dollars.

A Comprehensive Examination of the Transport Structure

The Rock Hill Fort Mill Area Transportation Study, recognized as RFATS, conducted a policy committee assembly recently. During this meeting, the Policy Committee members collectively endorsed approval for the commencement of the South Carolina Highway 160 – Interstate 77 Interchange Reconfiguration Project. This resolution works synergistically with the funds furnished by the State Infrastructure Bank and York County. This project, located in the area of Kingsley and Baxter, is the pioneer of its kind in the local region with two flyover bridges included in the plan.

David Hooper, the Director of RFATS, proclaimed that upon completion of this construction work, traffic congestion would noticeably decline on the interstate, thereby bringing convenience to the commuters in the area.

Expanding the Horizon

Parallel to this interchange, RFATS also envisages the expansion of the Corridor – Sutton Road on the West to Highway 21 on the East, from four lanes to six lanes to supplement the traffic flow. The financial provision for these projects, once again amounting to around 145 million dollars, stems from a cooperative endeavor between The State Infrastructure Bank and RFATS.

While divulging the timeline for this massive project, officials stated that all work is slated for completion by 2027 with groundbreaking set to take place in February 2024.

A Major Leap Towards Smoother Roadways

This significant undertaking is monumentally transformative in the field of transportation and infrastructure. Not only does this project underline the significance of efficient traffic management, but it also emphasizes the focus on improving the quality of commute for the local community.

Furthermore, initiatives like these aid in bolstering the economy by creating numerous job opportunities during the construction phase. Moreover, adequately planned and executed transportation projects are fundamental to reinforcing the locality’s resilience to effects associated with increased vehicle usage such as wear, tear, and erosion of the roadways.

Looking Ahead

While the upcoming years will see considerable groundwork in the form of construction and setting up the requisite infrastructure, the fruit of this effort is projected to manifest a significant effect by 2027, enhancing commute quality in Fort Mill and surrounding areas.

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