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Historic Brattonsville to Host Unique “Everything But the Oink” Event Focusing on Historic Pork Processing Techniques

Historic pork processing demonstration

Historic Brattonsville Hosts ‘Everything But the Oink’

Brattonsville, S.C – A unique event named “Everything But the Oink” is being held each Saturday in Historic Brattonsville. This themed event offers a detailed look at the process of pork processing, preservation, and cooking methods practiced during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Demonstrations and Displays

The event features different demonstrations each Saturday, focusing on various aspects of pig processing. Visitors get a first-hand view of how pork was preserved in bygone eras, with a special interpreter providing a guided journey through the nuanced techniques, including preserving meat using salt.

January Event Schedule

The demonstrations and teaching sessions for the rest of January will focus on various aspects related to the processing and presentation of pork. The event on January 13th will emphasize on Portioning – the ways of cutting and distributing pig meat efficiently. On January 20th, the focus will shift to Processing, offering a close look at the techniques used to convert raw pork into food products. Lastly, on January 27th, presenters will focus on Presenting the pork, highlighting the ways pork dishes were served and appreciated during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Access and Admission

The “Everything but the Oink” event is open to the public and included in the regular admission fee to Brattonsville. It presents an excellent opportunity for history enthusiasts, foodies, and curious visitors, among others, to soak in some unique culinary practices from times past and understand the skill and sustainability involved in animal processing in history.

An Educational Experience

Witnessing this historic pork processing and preservation process firsthand is not only fascinating but also quite educational. It highlights the importance of sustainable practices, respecting the entire animal by using “everything but the oink”, and the skill and labor involved in food processing during those times. It helps to create a consciousness about the labor that goes behind food and the art of culinary history. So, the events are not just about the informative visit, they extend towards a broader and enriched understanding of food, culture, and history.

About Historic Brattonsville

Historic Brattonsville is a 775-acre living history museum situated in Brattonsville, South Carolina. The site features historic structures that paint a vivid picture of life from the 1750s to the 1850s in the rural Carolinas. The substantial educational programming organized around arts, culinary practices, crafts, music, farming, and other aspects of life from that era engages the public.

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