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Concrete Debris Falls from Rock Hill’s I-77 Bridge, Again

Construction workers fixing bridge.

Concrete Debris Falls from Rock Hill’s I-77 Bridge, Again

Yesterday morning in Rock Hill, South Carolina, chunks of concrete reportedly tumbled from the overhead Interstate 77 bridge onto Celanese Road beneath. Remarkably, this crumbling accident is not a first for this location, raising serious concerns among local commuter populations about the infrastructure’s stability.

Details of the Incident

An eyewitness on their morning commute alerted local authorities about the event at roughly 9:30 AM on Tuesday. He stated that he had noticed the grapefruit-sized pieces of the overpass had tumbled onto the roadway as he was navigating under the overhead structure.

By noon, a team from the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) promptly arrived at the scene, cordoning off one lane under the bridge to initiate repairs. Thankfully, no one was physically harmed in this incident.

Past Incidents and Concerns

Note that such dangers on this particular stretch are by no means unprecedented. A rerun of a former incident occurred in June last year, where drivers reported similar issues. Then, the DOT had asserted that the issue was restricted to surface damage and did not compromise the structure’s integrity. As curiosity and concern rose among the local citizens, an explanation for these repeated events was sought.

Responding to the apprehensions, the SCDOT confirmed their ongoing weekly checks to mitigate such incidents. Matthew Morales’, a concerned citizen, commented, “We should probably know why it’s going on, especially if we’re paying for this thing.”

Fellow resident John Monczynski voiced a shared fright, “I would be very concerned about stuff falling onto my windshield.” Such comments raise essential queries about the situation and possible consequences.

Follow-up Actions and Statements

The SCDOT crew worked diligently for approximately an hour on the bridge to handle the issue. The team identified the bridge deck – the surface of the bridge as the root of the problem. Post repairs, all lanes were reopened for usual traffic.

The SCDOT issued a statement, emphasizing their prioritization of public safety. They stated, “If a bridge is unsafe for travel, SCDOT takes immediate action to close the bridge.”

Besides regular checks and surface repairs, the department reassured the community about its commitment to fixing the recurring problem. They allocated an additional $1.5 million for in-depth deck repairs and patchworks on I-77 bridges across York and Chester counties, and more so, this particular one.

They further encouraged the populace to monitor the project’s updates on their online platform. As they work to improve the bridges, the department asked for the community’s patience and thanked the residents for their understanding.

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