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Lesslie Fire and Rescue Commemorates 65 Years of Service with Annual BBQ and Bake Sale in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Firefighters hosting community BBQ

Lesslie Fire and Rescue Celebrates 65th Year with BBQ and Bake Sale

Leslie Fire and Rescue in Rock Hill, South Carolina is turning up the heat with their annual BBQ and Bake Sale. The Fire and Rescue are marking their 65th year of service to the community with this much awaited event.

Community Support for Essential Service

Year on year, the BBQ and Bake Sale has become a significant community event that unites individuals for a common cause – supporting a service that is vital to their safety and well-being. The fundraiser is set for Friday, February 2nd. Residents can drop by from 11 AM until 8 PM. The sale continues into Saturday with supplies predicted to last until noon.

Proceeds to Boost Emergency Response

All the proceeds generated from this event will be directed towards buying life-saving equipment for the department. The aim is to ensure that the Lesslie Fire and Rescue service is better equipped to respond to emergencies and serve community members more effectively.

Participants can purchase a BBQ plate for $10, a sandwich for $5 and also buy the famously cooked barbecue meat by the pound for $10. And, of course, no one would want to miss the amazing array of baked goods on sale, a perfect accompaniment to the mouth-watering variety of barbecue delicacies on offer.

65 Years of Stellar Service

A 65-year journey is a remarkable milestone. Over the years, the Lesslie Fire and Rescue team has consistently put the community’s safety first, responding promptly to emergencies and ensuring that those in need get the help they require. This dedication has earned them the community’s respect and trust. This event does more than just raise funds; it creates an opportunity for community members to show their appreciation for the hard work and commitment of these everyday local heroes.

A Look Back at 65 Years

This Friday, a special segment will be dedicated to a retrospective look at the fire department’s 65-year history. This broadcast will serve as a reminder of the critical role the fire department plays in community safety and the legacy it has built over the years.

Despite all the challenges and hardship that goes with battling fires and saving lives, the team at Lesslie Fire and Rescue continues to thrive, thanks to the overwhelming support from local community members, businesses, and a team that selflessly puts others first.

So, if you are in the neighborhood, drop by the Lesslie Fire and Rescue’s 65th BBQ and Bake Sale and do your part to support those who are always there for you in times of trouble. Enjoy some amazing barbecue, take home some delightful baked goods, and, most importantly, show your support to your local heroes.

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