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Man Arrested for Using Brick in Double Burglaries in Rock Hill

Man Accused of Employing Brick for Dual Burglaries in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, S.C. — In a unique burglary incident, a man is being accused of making use of a brick to forcibly break into two separate stores in the early hours of Thursday morning. The unusual series of events played out in Rock Hill, bringing an unanticipated burst of chaos as 2023 draws to a close.

Threat of the Thrown Brick

The initial phase of events transpired when the Rock Hill Police Department received surveillance footage that depicted an older man hurling a brick through the glass of a local store, The Mercantile. Subsequently, he made his way inside. Later, police received another call, which informed them of a break-in at Two Scoops, located on West Main Street, a few blocks from The Mercantile.

The investigating officers found the front door of Two Scoops severely damaged. The surveillance footage from the scene confirmed the presence of the same individual, albeit in a different jacket. The man left a trail of chaos, leading to the discovery of his criminal spree by local law enforcement.

Evidence from Social Media

The ravaged businesses took to social media to share images of the damages caused due to the burglary. Their posts, depicting the scenes of havoc and damage, brought forth the grim reality of the situation.

Identification and Arrest

Officers were able to track down a male suspect, who matched the description provided from witness accounts and surveillance videos. After a thorough interview, it was determined that 66-year-old Robert Jones Jr. was the perpetrator of the dual burglaries. Jones was promptly arrested and charged with two counts of burglary by the authorities.

In a further effort to solve the case expeditiously, the Rock Hill Police Department is urging anyone with additional information to cooperate and share their knowledge with the authorities to aid in concluding the ongoing investagion.

Making Sense of the Chaos

The strange case in Rock Hill adds a puzzling chapter to the crime diary of the city. It not only raises questions on the security of local businesses but also on the methods employed by the culprits. The use of such a crude tool like a brick highlights a brazen disregard for the safety and security of others while causing considerable damage to both properties.

The arrest of the suspect, Robert Jones Jr., signifies a palpable relief for the local community and stands as a testament to the swift response and resourcefulness of the Rock Hill Police Department. The incident, however, is an unfortunate reminder of the constant vigilance required by businesses to safeguard their property and customers.

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