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Marvin Creek Residents See Improved Pothole Repairs after Prompted Scrutiny

Happy residents with repaired potholes

Marvin Creek Residents See Improved Pothole Repairs after Prompted Scrutiny

In Marvin Creek, residents are responding positively, albeit cautiously, to the recent road repairs done by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). The corrective action was taken after the unsafe conditions of the roads, marked by perilous potholes, came to light.

Indifferent Initial Repairs

The primary attempts by NCDOT to repair the roads were met with disappointment, mostly involving the employment of gravel and tar. The hasty fix resulted in potentially hazardous conditions, which unfortunately led to an accident where a 12-year-old boy crashed his bicycle, breaking both his wrists.

Amanda Richard, a diligent homeowner, approached HERE News Network to expose her concerns. Her efforts resulted in the NCDOT crew revisiting the scene to provide a more suitable solution. The fresh repairs used an increased proportion of tar with minimal loose gravel, reducing the chances of accidents.

Residents Hold out for a Permanent Solution

While the community’s residents have welcomed this improvement, they continue to express their concerns about the durability of the fixes. They believe that, although the immediate issue has been addressed, an eternal remedy in the form of complete repaving is a prerequisite.

“The recent fix is definitely better than the first, but it’s just a stopgap. Our streets need to be repaved entirely,” voiced Roy Richard, one of the residents and spouse of Amanda Richard.

NCDOT Response

Approached by HERE News, a spokesperson for NCDOT clarified that the department is conducting an inquiry into the matter. Interestingly, they encouraged residents facing similar concerns about their roads to bring their issues to the fore through their official website.

Need for Permanent Changes

Although NCDOT’s reactive approach has addressed the immediate safety threat, residents are hoping for more lasting changes. The recent repairs, they say, are only a temporary relief.

The community’s demand for an inch-by-inch reconstruction is not unreasonable, given the damage these pot-riddled roads could do.


The residents of Marvin Creek have learned that their collective voice can incite improvement. As a community, they are looking forward to NCDOT spinning into action, addressing their concerns, and making their neighborhood routes safer for all.

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