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Rock Hill Mother Shifted to Charlotte Hospital Amidst Challenging Health Battle and Community Support

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Rock Hill Mother Transferred to Charlotte Hospital as Her Brave Battle Continues

A mother of two from Rock Hill, South Carolina, who fell gravely ill during a family visit in Pennsylvania, was safely transported to a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina on the morning of Friday, February 2, 2024. Ciara Dierking, whose harrowing health ordeal has stirred hearts throughout the Rock Hill community and beyond, now continues her difficult path to recovery closer to home.

The Journey Thus Far

Ciara’s health crisis began in December 2023 during a Christmas visit to family in Pennsylvania with her husband, David, and their two sons, Colton and Jackson. Ciara and her youngest son, three-year-old Colton at that time, fell severely sick. Colton was initially taken to an urgent care, complaining of neck pain and was subsequently transferred to a hospital. He was diagnosed with Coronavirus and Strep and surgeons found two abscesses in his neck requiring immediate surgical attention.

Ciara, meanwhile, was also feeling unwell but was primarily concerned with Colton’s health. However, two days later she found herself in an emergency situation. She was admitted to the hospital with a dangerous combination of Influenza B, Group A Strep, and Pneumonia. Alarming toxins entered her bloodstream resulting in septic shock, organ failure, and ultimately, the need for life support.

The Fight for Survival

With Ciara’s condition worsening, she underwent defibrillation but her heart stopped beating. The circumstances were dire but the medical team had fortunately initiated the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) prior to this happening – a process that facilitates oxygenation of the blood when the heart is no longer able to function. This essentially kept Ciara alive.

As a result of high dosages of blood pressure medication administered in an effort to sustain her life, Ciara’s vascular system was affected – the medicine narrows the blood vessels to increase pressure. The unfortunate side effect was that the circulation to her arms and legs was compromised. This necessitated the amputation of her limbs, a devastating turn of events, but one that ultimately saved her life.

Community Support and Road to Recovery

As Ciara embarks on the daunting road to recovery, the outpouring of support for her family has been tremendous. A GoFundMe fund was established to assist the Dierkings with medical costs, and to date, it has raised more than $100,000. The Dierking family expressed profound gratitude for the compassionate individuals who donated, and the medical team in Pennsylvania who played a significant role in Ciara’s survival. As she faces a challenging rehabilitation process, the Rock Hill community stands in solidarity with Ciara, showing their immense support in her journey towards recovery.

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