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Catawba Nation Tribal Police Force Swears in First Native Sergeant in Historic Event

Native sergeant oath ceremony

First Native Sergeant Sworn into Catawba Nation Tribal Police Force

A Historical Event Takes Place in Catawba Nation

Catawba Nation, South Carolina – In a pioneering step for the Catawba Nation, the tribal police force witnessed the swearing-in of their very first native sergeant. Officer Isaac Rodgers, a Catawba native, officially assumed his new role in a swearing-in ceremony which took place at the Longhouse in Catawba Nation during the week.

Rodgers pledged his commitment to defending justice before his fellow officers, Catawba leaders, and virtual attendees, including his family members. The newly appointed sergeant described the event as a mix of emotions, expressing his pride at being part of such a significant event for his tribe.

“It’s exciting, it’s daunting, its all sorts of kind of feelings piling on at one time,”

said Rodgers, reflecting on the importance of his new role in the Catawba nation.

Background & Experience of the First Native Sergeant

Sergeant Rodgers brings with him over four years of law enforcement knowledge. Prior to assuming his new position, he served as a Patrol Corporal with Camden South Carolina Police Department and then as a Sergeant with the Winthrop University Police Department.

As the Nation’s first sworn police officer, Sgt. Rodgers is set to play a crucial role as a first-line supervisor for future patrol officers hired by the Nation.

Next Steps for Sergeant Isaac Rodgers

Over the coming months, Rodgers will undergo extensive field training before being deployed independently to patrol the Catawba Nation Reservation. In this capacity, Rodgers will be tasked with responding to the call of duty from Catawba Nation residents.

A New Chapter for The Catawba Nation Tribal Police Force

This milestone in Catawba Nation’s history marks the beginning of a new chapter for the tribal police force as it continues to serve and protect its community. The appointment of their very first indigenous officer in the position of Sergeant not only signifies progress, but also reaffirms the tribal police force’s commitment to their mission and the community they serve.

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