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New Health Center Offering Primary and Mental Healthcare Opens in Former Belleview Elementary School, Rock Hill

Health Center Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

New Health Center Opens in Former Belleview Elementary School

ROCK HILL, S.C. – An innovative collaboration between Affinity Health and the Rock Hill School District has resulted in the opening of a new health center located in the former Belleview Elementary School. The center, catering to both students and the wider community, was officially launched during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday morning.

In a joint initiative, Affinity Health and the Rock Hill School District have transformed the former Belleview Elementary School into a modern health center. Comprising a spacious waiting room and two examination rooms, the center provides medical and mental health care to Rock Hill students, their families, and the surrounding community.

After receiving a federal grant worth $350,000, the vision for a school-based health center has now become a reality. The center offers primary medical care, including well-child visits, sick visits, vaccinations, sports physicals, and more. Anita Case, CEO of Affinity Health, was instrumental in bringing this idea to fruition, having initially approached the school district about the idea.

Focusing on Mental Health

Alongside the provision of primary medical care, the center is also placing a significant emphasis on mental health services. Recognizing the importance of children’s mental health, the center has entered into a partnership with school district therapists to ensure students receive the requisite mental care.

Flexible Hours and Affordable Care for All

The center, at 501 Belleview Road, operates on flexible hours to cater to the community’s needs. Currently, the center is open from 1 PM to 5 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the center opens its doors from 8 AM to 12 noon. In the coming months, after full staffing, the center aims to be open Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM. Importantly, services are provided regardless of income level, with a sliding fee scale offered to ensure all members of the community can access care.

Sustaining the Future

While the initial grant funding covers a period of two years, Affinity Health Center is confident about the future sustainability of the center. Given the evident need for such services in the community, the center’s leadership does not anticipate any issues in renewing the grant after the initial funding period elapses.

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis among Youth

The establishment of the center is a timely response to the escalating mental health crisis among young people. Recent survey data reveals that nearly 60% of U.S. teen girls reported feeling persistently sad or hopeless in 2021 – a staggering 60% increase over the past decade. As HRSA Administrator Carole Johnson notes: “Young people need easy, readily accessible ways to get the mental health support they need when they need it.”

With a focus on both physical and mental health, the new center provides a holistic approach to healthcare for the students and community of Rock Hill. Offering accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare, the center is undoubtedly a significant asset to the community.

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