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PMC Introduces a New Role to Enhance Patient Experience in Cardiac Care

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PMC Introduces a New Role to Enhance Patient Experience in Cardiac Care

A Newly Developed Nursing Role Aims to Improve the Handling of Structural Heart Patients

In the pursuit of providing enhanced care and support to its patients, a leading medical institution in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has announced the creation of a new pioneering role: the nurse coordinator for its Structural Heart Program.

Appointing Experienced Nurse Jenifer Laws to Navigate Cardiac Care

In the wake of this announcement, the hospital has named Jenifer Laws as the new nurse coordinator for this program. With over 24 years of experience in the nursing industry, Laws brings a robust blend of skills and expertise in cardiology, electrophysiology, wound care, and community health education.

In her role, Laws will guide patients receiving two forms of special treatments: transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) or the implementation of a Watchman device. She will steer patients through their treatment process, assisting with pre- and post-operative appointments, serving as the direct contact for both patients and referring physicians, and aiding with insurance needs and other requirements.

Furthermore, Laws will take the initiative in educating the community about the benefits of these minimally invasive cardiac operations.

Addressing the Problem of Structural Heart Disease

Structural heart disease is a condition characterized by abnormalities or defects in one of the heart’s components, such as a valve, chamber, or artery. The medical center’s Heart and Vascular Center employs a dedicated team of experienced cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, and nurses to address this issue.

Key Value Addition to the Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Center

Hospital officials anticipate that this new nurse coordinator will significantly contribute to the hospital’s push for high-quality heart care patient experience. The hospital’s director of cardiovascular services, Tara Box, emphatically stated that the appointment was “critical in ensuring that our patients receive seamless, high-quality cardiac care.”

Laws move to the South Carolina hospital comes from Atrium Health, Sanger Heart & Vascular in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she acted as a registered nurse in the electrophysiology department for two and a half years. She was dedicated to educating school-age children about heart health through the “Jump Rope for Heart” program during her time in Greenville, SC.

Upholding the Institution’s Commitment to Progressive Cardiac Care

This new appointment underlines the institution’s ongoing commitment to reinforcing and expanding its Structural Heart Program. It underscores the importance of the investments the institution made last year into cutting-edge, minimally invasive technologies and treatments and forms a solid pillar for the continued growth and effectiveness of the program in years to come.


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