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Former NFL Star Promotes Unity and Equality at the 21st Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast in Rock Hill

NFL Star Speaking at Church

Former NFL Star Inspires Unity at Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast in Rock Hill

In Rock Hill, South Carolina, a gathering of community members and city officials congregated at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Interfaith Prayer Breakfast to commemorate Dr. King’s lifelong dedication to campaigning for equality. This year’s breakfast was extra special as it marked the city’s 21st annual celebration of the event held on Monday at the First Baptist Church on Hood Center Drive.

In attendance were guest speakers who offered reflections on the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, understood as a day to honor the tireless work of an individual who uplifted millions with his quest for universal equality.

The Keynote Address by a Homegrown Hero

This year, NFL star and Rock Hill native, Ben Watson, was the event’s keynote speaker. The well-loved athlete turned his attention to Dr. King’s enduring fight for equal rights, acknowledging that this battle is far from over. Watson urged for unity in a world he perceives as still riddled with divisions.

Watson also encouraged everyone present to do the hard work necessary to achieve equality. His call to action was directed at everyone, regardless of their societal role or occupation, asking where they stand, whether in policy-making, government, or in the service industry, and how they can be active participants in bringing about change.

“It’s inviting people in, but on a higher level where are you placed,” Watson asked. “Are you in policy, are you in government, are you in the service industry, whatever your job is how do you support those that are going to bring about change?”

Connecting with the Community

After his speech, the NFL star devoted more than an hour to interact, sign copies of his book ‘Under Our Skin – Getting Real about Race,’ and take photographs with his supporters. His engagement in such a way amplifies his commitment to community development, demonstrating that change starts at the grassroots level.


The yearly Martin Luther King Jr. Interfaith Prayer Breakfast signifies a time to come together in unity and remember the universal significance of Dr. King’s work. This year’s address by Ben Watson, an accomplished athlete and local figure, underlined the struggle that continues today for equality and unity. Holding close the lessons of Dr. King’s legacy, Watson’s pivotal speech urged the Rock Hill community to play their part in achieving societal change.

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