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Father Daughter EMS Duo Saves Lives In York County

First Responder Family Team

Father Daughter EMS Duo Saves Lives In York County

Carrying on the Family Tradition of Lifesaving

In York County, the tradition of rescue and care can be found deeprooted into the lives of the Channell family. The long lineage of first responders has a new chapter added to it, in the form of Chris Channell and Brooklyn Channell, a devoted father and daughter duo working with the Paramedics.

Chris Channell recalls how the job of serving others as a paramedic came naturally to him, inspired by his father – a paramedic himself – who worked with Piedmont EMS. In a pleasant turn of events, Chris ended up marrying a woman whose father was also a paramedic and his father’s partner. Now, carrying on the family tradition, Chris works with his valiant daughter, Brooklyn.

A Family Tradition of Serving the Community

Although Chris and Brooklyn operate different ambulances, they frequently find themselves responding to the same calls. “My mom’s an EMT as well, and my brother is a firefighter. So it’s just kind of all in the family,” Brooklyn said.

Overcoming life-threatening hurdles, such as cancer at a young age, has fuelled Brooklyn’s determination to serve her community in emergencies. Not only does she feel empowered by the support of her family around her, but she also feels immensely comfortable knowing she can rely on their expertise and shared experiences.

More than Just a Job – a Calling to Serve

Contrary to what many might expect, the Channell duo is not seeking praises or gratitude for what they do. To them, their vocation is a labor of love, a dedication ingrained deep in the fabric of their family history. Yet, during the ongoing EMS week, Chris admits that a simple ‘thank you’ does have the power to touch their hearts and reaffirm their commitment.

“Just a simple thank you, it means the world to me and to everybody else,” Chris said, a notion that undoubtedly captures the spirit of EMS week, meant to honor and appreciate the sacrifice and dedication of such brave individuals.

The Bigger Family of First Responders

In a show of solidarity and community, it is not just the Channell pair who share this familial bond within the Piedmont EMS; four more pairs of relatives serve as responders. This reality contributes to making the 170-strong team feel much more like an extended family than just merely colleagues.

Keep your eyes and hearts open this week to appreciate those who remain vigilant for our safety. Let us remember that while we may sleep peacefully, there are brave hearts and hands always ready to serve us in times of emergencies.

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