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PGT Trucking Introduces New Terminals in Kentucky and South Carolina, Plans Further Expansion

"New PGT Trucking Terminals"

PGT Trucking Expands Operations, Opens Terminals in Kentucky and South Carolina

PGT Trucking, a Pennsylvania-based specialty carrier, has announced the successful opening of two new terminals in Ghent, Kentucky, and Spartanburg, South Carolina last month. The additional facilities will enhance the company’s growth in the Southeast, raising the company’s terminal count to 32, according to a recent company announcement.

A Strategic Move for Growth

The decision to open these new terminals aligns with PGT Trucking’s strategic plan to expand its operations and capture a broader market share. Chad Marsilio, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, said in a statement that the Kentucky site aims to serve the steel and building materials customers located in close proximity better and increase their service availability.

Meanwhile, the newly opened terminal in South Carolina is perfectly suited to handle the increasing volume of ocean cargo shipped through the state’s bustling ports. This strategic positioning is a forward-looking move designed to capitalize on the growing freight traffic in the region.

Future Expansions and Executive Hires

PGT Trucking’s growth does not stop at these two new terminals. The executive team has plans to open more terminals before the year ends, including one in Laredo, Texas. The proposed Texas terminal will boost the company’s presence in the Southwest and present a unique opportunity to secure a larger share of freight traffic resulting from nearshoring operations in Mexico.

Furthermore, PGT Trucking has bolstered its executive team in line with its expansionist agenda. The company has pointed Mark Mageary as the Vice President of maintenance and Tom Cook as Vice President of recruiting. Mageary’s role will involve overseeing the company’s maintenance programs and assets, while Cook will be integral in supporting the company’s development and recruiting more drivers.


The opening of these two new terminals by PGT Trucking, along with the planned future expansions and strategic hires, signals a future-facing approach by the company to withstand the industry’s dynamic changes. The strategic positioning of terminals near critical logistic points makes it clear that PGT is serious about expanding its footprint, improving services, and driving growth across the board. The improvement of the company’s terminal count, along with their expanding executive team sets a foundation that will likely influence the level of service they can provide, overall organizational success, and their continued presence in the industry.

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