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Piedmont Medical Center Utilizes New Device to Remove Blood Clots, Enhancing Cardiovascular Care and Patient Recovery

Doctor using clot extraction technology

Piedmont Medical Center Discovers New Technology to Extract Blood Clots

Life-Saving Machine at Piedmont Medical Center

In an effort to commemorate Heart Health Month, Piedmont Medical Center has confirmed the usage of a new medical device that assists in saving lives within its Cardiovascular unit. It is referred to as the Inari Medical FlowTriever. This tool is responsible for clearing substantial blood clots that form and obstruct the blood flow in the lung, thereby restricting the optimal functioning of the left side of the heart.

The Inari tool, which recently began operations within the past month at Piedmont Medical Center, has recorded remarkable success in life-saving procedures. The device is inserted into the patient’s groin and directed towards the lungs where blood clots can be effectively eliminated.

Visible Improvement in Patient’s Health

One of the significant benefits reported by doctors using this device is the apparent and instantaneous improvement in patients’ health condition. Patients no longer suffer from the side effects of these clots, such as shortness of breath. Moreover, this tool is extremely efficient as it allows doctors to remove the clot directly instead of depending on blood thinners that melt the clot over time.

Typically, blood clots developing in the lungs originate from the leg. Early symptoms may include a swollen leg, but as the clot progresses to the lungs, the patient may experience shortness of breath. Medical professionals at Piedmont caution that these symptoms should not be overlooked and immediate medical attention should be sought.

Community Impact

This innovative technology has made a significant impact on the community and local healthcare industry. It has also showcased the commitment of Piedmont Medical Center towards improving healthcare treatment and technology for the benefit of its patients.

Furthermore, as we recognize February as Heart Health Month, it is crucial to raise awareness about the potential health risks caused by blood clots, their symptoms, and the latest advances in medical technology dedicated to tackling such issues.

A Step Forward in Healthcare Innovation

The incorporation of the Inari Medical FlowTriever at the Piedmont Medical Center indeed underscores the progress in healthcare innovation, contributing significantly to patient care and recovery. This development reinforces the center’s mission in offering top-notch healthcare services to its community.

It is of utmost importance for everyone to stay vigilant about their health and be aware of any unusual changes in their bodies. Adopting preventive measures and seeking early medical help can prevent severe health complications and save lives.

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