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Rock Hill to Pay $500,000 in Settlement Over False Arrest that Sparked Protests

Rock Hill Pays $500,000 Settlement Over a Man’s False Arrest that Incited Protests

Settlement Reached After Controversial Arrest

Rock Hill, a city in South Carolina, has agreed to pay a sum of $500,000 in settlement to a man who experienced unwarranted treatment by the police during a false arrest. This incident triggered days of widespread protests last year.

Deplorable Treatment of Travis Price

Travis Price, the man who received the hefty settlement, saw his life turned upside down after a confrontational incident with the police in June 2021. It all started when Price decided to check on his brother who was under arrest following a traffic stop. The situation escalated when the police misconstrued his actions as aggressive and arrested him as well.

In an initial statement, the police claimed that Price had been belligerent, yelling and even bumped an officer during this occurrence. However, a video that surfaced on Facebook painted a different picture. It showed an officer seizing Price by the chest, pushing him against a propane tank, and daring him to fight back.

Unfounded Charges and Disruption of Peace

Despite the law enforcement’s initial stance, Price was exonerated as the charges against him were subsequently dropped. The offending officer, Jonathan Moreno, found himself relieved of his duties, and also did two weeks later, issue an apology to Price. Nevertheless, he got away with a not-guilty charge on the misdemeanor battery and assault filed against him. Furthermore, Moreno was removed from the lawsuit after the settlement between Rock Hill City and Travis Price was concluded.

The video of Price’s false arrest had significant ramifications in Rock Hill, a city composed of about 75,000 residents, located just south of Charlotte, North Carolina. It incited several days of turmoil as the locals took to the streets to protest the police’s high-handedness, leading to the arrest of nearly a dozen protestors as they clashed with officers in a heated atmosphere marked by thrown bottles and firecrackers.

Justice Served for Innocent Victim

In a statement released by Price’s attorney, Justin Bamberg, he articulated that the settlement would allow Price, a dedicated family man, and father of three, to move forward from this distressing incident. He lauded Price for standing his ground to ensure that police departments did not tarnish the reputations of innocent people. He also added that such stand-offs sent a clear message to institutions about their conduct.

This case serves as a stern reminder of the power of social media and its role in bringing justice. It ultimately flooded a light on the unethical actions that had been done in the dark, allowing Price to clear his name, reclaim his reputation, and hold the city accountable for their actions.

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