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Rock Hill Community Unites in Support of Local Family as Mother Fights for Life

Community holding hands together

Community pulls together behind Rock Hill family as mother battles for life

ROCK HILL, S.C. – Amid unfathomable strife, the Rock Hill community is rallying around the Dierking family, as their beloved wife and mother, Ciara Dierking fights valiantly for her life.

The outpouring of support echoes the love David Dierking, Ciara’s husband, expresses for his wife. He fondly recounts, “She is the sweetest person that you’ll ever meet.”

A Unexpected Christmas Tragedy

The family’s ordeal began when Ciara, David, and their two sons, Colton and Jackson, were visiting family in Pennsylvania for Christmas. Both Ciara and the younger son, three-year-old Colton, fell gravely ill. On December 26th, Colton was admitted to a nearby hospital with a diagnosis of COVID-19, Strep, and two neck abscesses.

Meanwhile, Ciara’s deteriorating health was masked by her maternal concern for Colton. However, her condition could not be ignored for long. Two days later, she was rushed to the hospital, initiating a tribulation far more harrowing than anyone could have anticipated.

The Fight of Her Life

“One of the nurses came over to me and said, I just want you to know she is very, very sick. Like a 10 out of 10 sick,” says a somber David recalling the early days of Ciara’s hospitalization.

The diagnosis was grim and confounding – Influenza B, group A Strep, and pneumonia. The toxins these viruses produced had entered her bloodstream, triggering septic shock and causing her organs to fail. The dire situation necessitated life support; her family was asked to pray for a miracle.

In a desperate bid to stabilize her, doctors administered high doses of blood pressure medicine. The efforts kept her alive yet imposed major consequences for Ciara – the risk of losing her arms and legs.

A Community’s Unwavering Support

While each day poses a new challenge, David remains noticeably resilient, rejoicing in every small victory. His indomitable spirit is echoed by the tremendous support he and his family have received from their local community. A GoFundMe campaign initiated by a family member has raised an astounding sum of over $45,000, offering meaningful relief from the tides of mounting medical expenses.

“The focus is saving her life. You can survive without limbs, but there’s nothing quite like having a mother that can watch her kids grow up, see them graduate. That’s the focus,” states a determined David, a testament to the spirit of Rock Hill’s unified community.

A Message of Hope and Strength

Throughout this arduous journey, David has remained unwavering, rallying strength from music, the support from fellow community members, and his enduring faith. He hopes this unforgettable ordeal would serve as a life-altering reminder for others to esteem their relationships, especially their partners, in a new light.

“Take the time to take care of your spouse and strengthen your faith,” advises David, a sentiment that reflects his own fortitude amidst an unimaginable ordeal.

This heartfelt message that echoes throughout the Rock Hill community will serve as a beacon of hope as Ciara continues her battle for survival.

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