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Community Unites in Support of Rock Hill Family as Mother Battles Life-Threatening Illness

Community rally supporting family

Community Rallies to Support Rock Hill Family as Mother Fights for Her Life

ROCK HILL, S.C.: A community in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is rallying around a family in an enormous show of support after the mother and wife of two young boys faces a life-threatening situation.

Battling for Life

The story centres on David Dierking and his wife Ciara. David describes his wife as one of the sweetest people anyone would meet, but now, she fights a battle for her life. The ordeal began when the family visited their relatives in Pennsylvania for Christmas. Both Ciara and her youngest son fell severely ill.

Series of Events Leading Up to The Crisis

Three-year-old Colton complained about a painful neck, prompting an urgent visit to a nearby healthcare facility. From there, he was rushed to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with Coronavirus, Strep, and discovered two abscesses in his neck. Although he underwent two surgeries, he is now on the road to recovery.

But it was a different story for Ciara. She was also not feeling well, but her attention was on her son. Shortly after, she was also hospitalized. What followed was a series of severe symptoms – Influenza B, Group A Strep, and Pneumonia. Doctors said that toxins had entered her blood, leading to septic shock. Her organs were failing, and she was put on life support.

Unexpected Complications

Things took a turn for the worse when doctors informed the family of the possible loss of her arms and legs due to high levels of blood pressure medication she was given to save her life. Doctors explained that the medication narrowed the blood vessels to increase pressure, affecting the limbs. Although it was a shocking prognosis, David remained grateful that she was still alive.

Unwavering Support from the Community

Despite the grim situation, the family and community have rallied to show their support for Ciara and her family. A Go Fund Me account was set up, raising more than $45,000 to cover Ciara’s mounting medical expenses. David also hopes that Ciara’s ordeal will serve as a lesson for other families to cherish every moment and strengthen relationships.

Moving Forward with Hope

David shared how he’s been leaning on gospel hymns for solace during this frightening ordeal. He also expressed immense gratitude to the doctors, medical staff, and all the people who have supported the family in their time of need. Despite the ordeal, David remains hopeful, praying for the day they can come back to Rock Hill altogether as a family of four.

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