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Rock Hill Patrol Officers Race Against Time to Safeguard a Life on a Bridge

Police chase on bridge

Rock Hill Patrol Officers Race Against Time to Safeguard a Life on a Bridge

Editor’s note: This article references suicide. If you or anyone you know is struggling, please contact the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

In the city of Rock Hill, at around 5 pm on the last Sunday of June, a distress call from an anonymous person alerted local law enforcement about a man in crisis on a bridge over Interstate 77. The caller was uncertain about the specific bridge but patrol officers Jordan Well, 22, and Justin McClurkin, 27, were quick to attend the call and initiate what became a successful effort to save a life.

The Mission of Saving a Man’s Life

Officer Well, who was in the vicinity of Exit 79 on I-77, noticed the man on the Eden Terrace bridge. He immediately sent a radio alert to inform his fellow officers of the man’s precise location. Not wasting a second, Well raced off the highway and onto EdenTerrace and rushed towards the bridge. Upon reaching, Officer Well parked his car, creating a blockade on the road.

Selecting a calm and non-threatening approach, Well stepped out of his car, raised his hands in a reassuring “Everything is okay” gesture, and cautiously approached the man, informing him that he was merely there to help and talk out the situation.

Officers Combined Effort

In the meantime, Sergeant Keenan McCrorey had assumed charge and was coordinating the on-site activity from a distance. McClurkin approached from the opposite side of the bridge. With silence and shared understanding between them, Well continued to converse with the man, while McClurkin stealthily moved in from behind the man, grasped him, and brought him back from the edge and onto the bridge for safety.

Subsequently, other superior officers reached the scene, and the man was escorted to a local hospital for professional evaluation and care. Officer Well was the officer who transported the distressed individual, ensuring his safely arrival.

Following the successful intervention and crisis resolution, both officers ended their shift and headed back home. Their steadfast and prompt action had averted what could have been a dire outcome.

The Unprecedented Commendation

An acknowledgment of the officers’ dedication appeared in the form of an appreciative note from Rock Hill Police Chief Chris Watts. Addressing a 6 a.m. roll call meeting on Independence Day, Chief Watts expressed his immense pride in the officers’ commitment to community service and their exemplary conduct in such a situation.

Their commendable contribution, assuring the man got the help he needed and demonstrating their innate care for him, underscores the exceptional human compass within the Rock Hill Police Department.

A Checkered Police Report and Heroic Humility

The police report, even though redacted to protect individual identities, mentions the remarkable incident. When questioned about their heroic deed, both Well and McClurkin demonstrated admirable humility. Well, who pursued the vocation to make a difference in people’s lives, said that he was merely doing his job. His sentiment was echoed by McClurkin, a former army serviceman, who asserted that he simply wanted to help people.

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