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Rock Hill in Shock as Shooting Outside Local Bar Leaves One Critical; Gunman Still At Large

Police tape around bar

Gunman At Large Following Shooting Outside Bar in Rock Hill

Shooting Incident Description

Rock Hill, S.C. – A somber mood engulfed the city of Rock Hill when a shocking shooting incident occurred outside a popular local bar, Hartland’s, located off Dave Lyle Boulevard on Saturday morning. The shooting has left one man in a critical condition, struggling for his life at a local hospital. The unidentified man suffered bullet wounds in his chest.

According to Lt. Michael Chavis from Rock Hill Police Department, “Officers arrived and found the victim in the parking lot with some patrons from the restaurant around him.” As it stands, the gunman remains at large as local authorities intensify their investigations to bring the guilty party to justice.

A possible Witness and the Scene of Crime

Despite the lack of surveillance footage, investigators are hopeful that someone in the shopping center’s parking lot may have witnessed the horrific crime. Noteworthy, the detectives find one shell casing at the scene of the crime. Lt. Chavis added, “We have a victim who’s in critical condition, been in critical condition for days now.”

After having conversations with the restaurant personnel and some of the patrons, the police have found no prior arguments or fights that might have signaled the impending grave incident.

Local Residents Express Concern

Shaken up, longtime residents of the area Mike and Lisa Correll expressed their disbelief and shock at the unprecedented violence. “We’ve been here for years and years and never had anything like that,” said Mike Correll.

Seeking Public Assistance

Law enforcement officers are calling on anyone with information that could aid in cracking the case to come forward. Locals can reach Rock Hill Police detectives at 803-329-7293 to provide any valuable insights about the incident.

On-going Investigation

Meanwhile, police investigations into the shocking shooting incident continue in earnest as they seek to unearth crucial evidence that would lead to the arrest and prosecution of the elusive gunman.

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