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Rock Hill Wife Credits Piedmont Medical Staff, New Technology for Saving Husband

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Rock Hill Wife Credits Piedmont Medical Staff, New Technology for Saving Husband

ROCK HILL, S.C. – As the celebration of love week continues, a Rock Hill wife who is a retired nurse is living out her wedding vows, “in sickness and in health,” as her husband continues to heal from a heart attack nearly one year ago. She’s giving credit to the staff at Piedmont Medical Center in the Cardiovascular Unit and new technology for saving her husband’s life.

A Love Story Tested

For Rock Hill’s Patti and Jim Smith, their love story began in 1978. “I graduated high school in 1978, we got married on St. Patrick’s Day in 1979”, says Patti. Decades later on February 28th, 2023, still in marriage bliss, the unthinkable happened. “Jim was on the mower and came inside complaining he was short of breath”, says Patti. That shortness of breath was a symptom of a heart attack.

A Retired Nurse’s Nightmare

Being a retired nurse in the Cardiovascular Unit at Piedmont Medical Center, Patti knew just how serious her husband’s condition was. “I knew these were the kind of people who don’t make it,” says Patti. Jim was rushed to Piedmont Medical Center where he was quickly taken back to the Cardiovascular Unit. The team on call that day worked with Patti for years. “I got a call that one of our own was coming to the lab and made sure I was here, came in. Everybody showed up that knew Patti,” says Tara Box with Piedmont Medical Center.

New Technology Saves the Day

Dr. Paul Slota was also there. He says the team quickly placed what’s called an Impella Catheter into Jim. This type of new technology supports the heart when it’s been damaged, giving patients a chance to live. “We can get this device in, get arteries fixed, stabilize patients, get them out of the ICU, almost all of the time, and then that gives them a chance,” says Dr. Slota.

A Miracle and Thankful Heart

While Patti waited on the news of Jim’s condition, the team took a moment to pray for a miracle. After surgery and therapy, Jim made it out alive. Dr. Slota credits the Impella along with a dedicated team who never gave up on Jim. “You’re never promised tomorrow, I got a tomorrow with Jim because of the people here at Piedmont,” says Patti.

Renewed Love and Gratitude

As for Patti and Jim, their love is stronger than ever, as they are thankful for another year along this life’s journey.

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