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Severe Storm Causes Widespread Damage in York & Gaston Counties

Destruction after severe storm

Severe Storm Causes Widespread Damage in York & Gaston Counties


Residents of York County are onto a massive clean-up and recovery mission after a severe hailstorm hit the area, leaving a wake of destruction in its path. The terrifying storm, characterized by gusty winds and hail the size of tennis balls, caused significant damage to hundreds of vehicles and structures in Rock Hill on Saturday afternoon.

The alarm rose from Cleveland County, North Carolina, to Chesterfield County, South Carolina, but the storm seemed particularly prejudiced towards the northeast-central York County where the devastation appears to be at its worst.

Tennis Ball-sized Hail Wreak Havoc

Locals have shared images resembling scenes straight out of a winter’s day in Rock Hill with streets and yards gathering inches of hail. One resident, Art Thomas, shared disturbing footage of his car and house suffering serious damage from the intense wind and overwhelming hail.

Winds Topple Structures and Trees

An indication of the strength of the storm’s winds was visibly evident when a gas station’s awning succumbed and collapsed just south of downtown along SC Highway 72. Gaston County wasn’t spared either as several trees were reported to have fallen over, with one even landing onto a house on Dallas Spencer Mountain Road in Dallas.


Residents can breathe a sigh of relief as the severe storm threat has since receded Saturday evening. Even though the forecast predicts some more rain this Sunday, the weather doesn’t seem to be a potential harm to the region.

Highlights from York & Gaston Counties

  • Extensive Damage: Widespread destruction caused by a combination of powerful gusty winds and large hailstones.
  • Weather Forecast: Although more rainfall is expected, no potential risks of extreme weather are anticipated.
  • Recovery Efforts: Clean-up operations are currently underway in the hard-hit areas.

In the wake of such devastation, the display of community strength and the speed of recovery efforts are truly inspiring. Stay safe and continue looking out for each other during these trying times.

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