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Sharon Road West Closed Due To Collision With Utility Pole

Car crash aftermath scene

Sharon Road West Closed Due To Collision With Utility Pole


An accident involving a car and a Duke Energy utility pole has led to the closure of a portion of Sharon Road West in south Charlotte. The impact resulted in considerable damage to the utility pole prompting the closure for immediate repair works. The road remains blocked between South Boulevard and Sharon Lakes Road. It has been indicated by officials that the area will remain closed until 9:30 p.m. today.

Roads Closure and Traffic Diversions

Authorities are urging drivers to steer clear of this area and find alternate routes to avoid congestion. The accident and subsequent road closure have already started causing significant disruptions in traffic flow. The early morning commuters were faced with long queues of vehicles. Many have turned to local radio stations and mobile apps for real-time updates on the evolving traffic conditions.

Restoration of Power Outages

The car striking the utility pole has affected the power grid in the nearby areas leading to momentary power outages. Duke Energy crews are on the scene, working diligently towards restoring the power supply. Their priority remains to ensure the safe and expedient return of electricity to affected homes and businesses.

Investigation on the Accident

The local police in cooperation with traffic control investigators have launched an inquiry into the incident. Preliminary investigations hint towards the driver possibly losing control of the vehicle leading to the collision with the utility pole. The exact cause, however, remains uncertain at this time. Officials suggest the update on the accounts leading to the accident will emerge as the investigation unfolds.

Safety Advice from Officials

In light of the accident, officials are reminding motorists to stay alert and vigilant on the roads, especially during early morning or late-night travels when the visibility is compromised. They are also urging vehicle owners to ensure their cars undergo regular mechanical checks to avert technical failures which can lead to accidents.

The public heeding these guidelines can actively participate in making the roads safer. The incident serves as a stark reminder that road safety requires the active participation of both motorists and pedestrians alike. Their shared responsibility will play an integral role in reducing accidents.

Resumption of Normal Traffic

Authorities are hoping to open the site for regular traffic by late evening after the completion of the necessary repair works and investigations. Commuters will be duly notified when the roads are safe to use again. The residents of Charlotte are advised to stay vigilant and abreast with news updates for the continued traffic situation.

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