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Rock Hill Sisters Granted Bond after Facing Charges for Neglect Causing their Mother’s Death

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Sister Suspects Granted Bond by Rock Hill Judge after Charges of Neglect Resulting in Death

The Case Details

Two sisters in Rock Hill have been granted bond after being charged in connection with the death of their 99-year-old mother due to alleged neglect. The women, 73-year-old Martha Rutledge and 68-year old Nancy Rutledge, face charges for abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult resulting in death.

Investigators state that signs of possible neglect were discovered in August 2023 and following an autopsy and toxicology report, they were able to confirm that the woman, who is the mother of the Rutledge sisters, died as a result of a lack of medical care and developed infections caused by bed sores.

The Bond Hearing

Both suspects appeared before a judge at the Rock Hill Municipal Court for a bond hearing where the prosecutors described the mother’s condition at the time of her death as ‘horrible’. They say this reflected signs of possible neglect. The bond was set at $40,000 for both sisters. Their attorneys argued that the sisters did not pose a flight risk.

Defense from Family

Ann Rutledge, the sister of the two suspects residing in Florida, traveled to Rock Hill to tell the judge that her sisters loved their mother and would not intentionally neglect her health. Despite these testimonies, the judge maintained the bond on the premise that more information is pending in the case.

The Allegations

The allegations against the two sisters have shocked their neighborhood and caused a media buzz around the city. As the trial begins, there are questions of how the situation could have gotten so dire without others becoming aware of the woman’s deteriorating health. The community is grappling with understanding the complex situation, which touches on difficult topics such as eldercare, family responsibility, and the legal obligations involved when caring for a vulnerable adult.

Next Steps

With their bond set, the sisters will await their trial date and prepare their defense against the charges. The case will be monitored closely by legal experts and community members alike, who are eager to understand what purportedly went wrong in the care of their elderly mother.

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