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Burglars Cut Hole in Business to Access Adjacent Jewelry Store in Daring Heist in South Carolina

Burglars cut hole in business to get to jewelry store next door, police reveal

Unusual Heist in Rock Hill

In the early hours of the Sunday morning, the quiet city of Rock Hill in South Carolina awoke to unsettling news. A daring burglary had taken place – one that initially seemed to be targeted at a nail salon, but which had a far different objective. Rock Hill police department confirmed that burglars had cut a hole in the nail salon’s premises, not to loot the salon, but to break into the jewelry store next door.

Minimal Loot, Maximum Damage

According to sources close to the case, the burglars had managed to break into B & K Nails on Herlong Avenue, prying open the backdoor. From there, they cut a hole in the salon’s drywall to gain access to the jewelry store adjacent to it. As a direct consequence of their actions, the alarm of the jewelry store was triggered.

While the store’s expensive merchandise remained safe in a vault, it was reported that the thieves made away with approximately $700 worth of jewelry. Kristin Hege Sandler, the owner’s daughter, spoke out about the impact of the incident.

Emotional and Financial Impact

Sandler revealed that the items taken, while of significant value, paled in comparison to the cost of repair for the damage caused to the store. “It does kind of make my heart hurt that somebody’s that desperate they can’t think of any other way to do things,” she shared in an emotionally charged statement.

Besides monetary losses, the burglary also took a toll psychologically. “More vigilant now,” Sadler said, referring to the increased scrutiny of customers entering the store since the unfortunate incident. “Everybody that comes through the door, I try to look at them.”

Investigation Underway

As of now, several security videos are being thoroughly vetted by investigators, with the hope of gaining a clear image of the burglar for identification. The elaborate nature of the crime suggests that it needed significant planning for successful execution.

A Wake-Up Call for Businesses

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which criminals can go to commit heinous acts. As the police continue to seek out the culprits, businesses in the city have been advised to double-check their security measures to prevent similar incidents. While the criminals made away with the loot, the surprise attack on the quiet city of Rock Hill has left a lasting impact on the community, shaking its sense of security.

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