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Two Dead in York County Post Police Chase as Stolen Car Crashes into Tree

Crashed car against tree

Officials: 2 killed after stolen car flees police, hits tree in York County

An unfortunate night in York County, S.C.

YORK COUNTY, S.C. – In a harrowing incident last night, two individuals lost their lives after a stolen vehicle they were in crashed into a tree. According to the Rock Hill Police Department, this fatal accident occurred while the car was seemingly attempting to evade the police.

The Chase and its Dreadful Termination

The incident took place on Harper Gault Road near Oakdale Road, where an officer tried stopping a Dodge Challenger with defective lights. To the officer’s surprise, the driver chose to accelerate, making no attempt whatsoever to stop.

Rather than ensue what appeared to be a potentially dangerous chase, the officer chose to abandon the pursuit. Moments later, heartbreakingly, the same officer stumbled upon the aftermath of the Challenger’s collision into a tree further down the road.

The impact of the collision was severe, leading to the ejection of the passenger from the vehicle. Tragically, the passenger succumbed to their injuries on the spot. Meanwhile, the driver sustained serious injuries and was airlifted to a hospital in Charlotte where they also later died.

The Investigation and Its Findings

In the wake of the catastrophic crash, it was revealed that the Dodge Challenger involved in the incident was reported stolen. This further complicates the already tragic event. While the identity of the victims is yet to be publicly disclosed, investigations are currently underway.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol’s Multi-Disciplined Accident Investigation Team is conducting an independent probe into the accident. In tandem, an internal review is also being carried out by the Rock Hill Police Department.

Further Developments and Important Notices

As the investigation continues, certain aspects remain unclear. However, this tragic incident serves as a grim reminder of the perils of violating traffic laws and evading law enforcement. Necessarily, an update with further developments will be provided.

It is of utmost importance that the citizens cooperate with law enforcement and adhere strictly to traffic rules for the safety of all. Avoiding unnecessary tragedies like this should be a collective responsibility.


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