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Hail, Strong Storms Cause Thousands to Lose Power in York County

Hail storm power outage

Hail, Strong Storms Cause Thousands to Lose Power in York County

Storms Take Out Power in York County

On Saturday afternoon, strong storms battered York County leading to a significant loss of power for thousands of residents. According to the York County Sheriff’s Office and Duke Energy, over 4,800 inhabitants are currently without electricity. As large hail and multiple fallen trees wreaked havoc across the county, restoration efforts are in progress to remedy the affected regions.

Impacts of the Severe Weather

The storm didn’t only bring about power outages. It was accompanied by large hailstones that caused substantial damage in various parts of York County. Residents have reported instances of home and vehicle damage following the severe hailstorm. Significant damage was also attributed to multiple trees falling across the county, with the Sheriff’s office stating majority of the fallen trees are located in the south southwest of Rock Hill.

Citing a significant risk to road users, highway patrol officers joined forces with emergency responders to manage situations involving fallen trees obstructing the roadways. Affected routes stretch from Saluda Road (72), all the way across to Highway 161 in Newport. Road clearance efforts are ongoing as crews work diligently to pave the way for smooth and safe transit.

Precautionary Measures and Restoration Efforts

In light of the recent events, residents are advised to exercise caution, particularly while driving. Downed powerlines pose a severe threat, and avoiding these areas is strongly recommended until the situation is resolved. Additionally, individuals are encouraged to monitor weather updates and heed any warnings issues by authorities.

Meanwhile, Duke Energy is working tirelessly to restore power to affected parts of the county. Teams have been mobilized to repair downed power lines and rectify faults with the ultimate goal of reinstating power supply as quickly as possible. While the task is daunting owing to the volume of repairs needed, Duke Energy assures residents that every resource available is being utilized to expedite the process. However, residents are asked to be patient as the energy company works to restore power.

Enduring the Aftermath

While the storm has passed, York County residents are left to grapple with the aftermath in its wake. The collective efforts of the community, emergency service responders, and Duke Energy aim to restore normalcy as soon as possible.

York County is no stranger to severe weather phenomena. However, the fortitude demonstrated by its residents in coping with and overcoming these challenges is testament to the resilience and unity of the community.

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