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New Ordinance Opens Up Opportunities For More Tattoo Shops in York County

"New tattoo shop ordinance"

New Ordinance Opens Up Opportunities For More Tattoo Shops in York County

York County Council Eases Tattoo Parlor Restrictions

YORK COUNTY, S.C. – Recent legislation changes have opened the door to increased opportunities for tattoo parlors in York County, shaking up an industry formerly limited by strict local laws. The Local Tattoo in Clover previously held the title as the county’s lone tattoo parlor, with its doors only opening last fall. The scarcity of tattoo studios in the county was primarily due to stringent regulations imposed by the local government.

Councilman William “Bump” Roddey revealed that previous restrictions weren’t a ban, but achieving compliance was challenging. Under the old ordinance, tattoo studios were required to establish their businesses no less than 200 feet from any residential zone.

New Laws Mean New Opportunities in York County

Moving past this hurdle, the county council has now relaxed the original restrictions. The revised regulations state that tattoo parlors may not be situated within 300 feet of each other, creating the potential for a significant influx of new tattoo businesses throughout the county.

Community Reactions and Extended Impacts

The impact of the new ordinance extends far beyond new tattoo shops – it positively affects existing businesses. Image Studios, a beauty salon located on Celanese Road in Rock Hill, is one establishment set to benefit. Salon owner Chris Chamberlin expressed enthusiasm about the change, stating, “In order to have a community, you want to have a lot of beauty professionals included in there.” Now, according to the new rules, Chamberlin can rent space to a tattoo artist, something impossible under the previous ordinance.

Incorporated Cities Must Decide on Rules

While the new regulation changes the game in unincorporated areas of York County, incorporated towns and cities have their own set of rules. In places such as Rock Hill, personal services like tattoo parlors must be located at least 1,000 feet from important community areas such as schools, playgrounds, and residential zones. As a result, some cities within York County face a decision – to revisit their rules too or to stick with the status quo.

Safety and the Future of Tattoos in York County

Both Chris Chamberlin and Councilman Roddey hope that changes will take place throughout the cities, citing safety as a driving reason. They express concern on the continuation of unsafe practices such as hotel and garage tattoo parties, which are both illegal and unsafe. Creating sufficient space for professional tattoo parlors might help combat such illicit practices.

In conclusion, the passing of the new ordinance not only provides an economic boost to York County but also enhances public safety by encouraging safer means of getting tattoos. Time will tell if cities within the county follow suit and adjust their rules accordingly.

Source: HERE News Network

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